In the meantime, word spread around Sarajevo about Tifa’s excellent vocal skills, so people started coming to him with offers of joining their groups. Around that time he was a fan of UK band Sweet. This led to engagements in a few bands, none of which existed long enough to achieve any prominence. He ended up spending a full decade and recording six studio albums with the band before eventually leaving in April to fully pursue a solo career. Arno Carstens – Tjoepstil lyrics request. The album was released on 28 July , but failed both critically and commercially, selling only 6, copies and quickly falling into oblivion. Retrieved 26 February

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Jutro soon transformed into Bijelo dugmewith Bebek as a founding member.

Mladen Vojičić Tifa

Undisputedly a singer with great vocal capabilities and a distinct vocal range, Tifa’s impulsive personality and irrational character have often garnered controversy region-wide. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Jutro did become successful and he quit the government szm to again devote to music full-time.

Mladen Vojičić Tifa – Wikipedia

Popular Artists Popular Songs. Sinoc Sam Pola Kafane Popio. In primary school Tifa was an excellent student. Login Registration Bioo In. Together, they also started working on tracks by mailing packages back and forth containing audio cassettes with Zlatan composing and Tifa writing the lyrics. After finishing the Kosovka Djevojkathe band embarked on what would prove to be an extremely troublesome tour.


Maybe only in the third one. Apparently Tifa and Wam got into a verbal bust-up backstage at the Sarajevo concert the first in the series.

This led to engagements in a few bands, none of which existed long enough to achieve any prominence. Around that time he was a fan of UK band Sweet. However, no zeljko bebek gde sam bio company showed sufficient interest zeljko bebek gde sam bio releasing the album.

Twenty six years of age at this point, Bebek got married with the intention of settling down and giving up on trying to make a living via playing music altogether.

Retrieved 18 November Popular music in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The History of Popular Music Listen to gems from the s, s, and more. Bebek was one of the three featured performers alongside Alen Islamovicand Tifain a documentary that followed the musicians while they were on tour.

So in a few words the sense of Charshia in the text is a place where people are gossiping. Sarajevo, Zagreb, Beograd Ko ne poludi taj nije normalan! He showed an early interest in music, entertaining his mother’s house guests by singing songs he heard on the radio.

Gdje sam bio 5 translations Translations: Views Read Edit View history. Nowadays, Tifa maintains a relatively successful solo career. Views Read Edit View history. In fallafter falling out with band mates during the band’s stay in ItalyBebek left Kodeksi and returned home to Sarajevo. Bebek found himself to be a country -wide celebrity. Retrieved from ” https: Two former Bijelo dugme frontmen even went on tour together, however proving once again he doesn’t function well on the road, Tifa quit right in the middle of it, reasoning that it wasn’t very successful anyway.


By the age of 5, he knew the entire repertoire of Indexi. He is most notable for being the lead singer of former Yugoslav rock band Bijelo dugme from to The new year brought more creative stagnation as their repertoire still consisted entirely of foreign covers. Though Bebek and his collaborators had planned a tour in support of the album, their plans got scrapped following the poor public reaction.