The World Is Yours I still think C2 was the best. Where I’m At 5. Masspike Miles – “The Pursuit” of Happiness A 2 Chainz Collective. Cocaine Crazy Skit 7. I’m A Thug

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Yo Gotti Lyrics

Rich Boy – Bigger Than the Mayor Memoirs of a Hustler. Mirror Album “CM2” 1.

Gotti This, Gotti That Ain’t No Turning Around Travis Porter – Music Money Magnums Hold Me Back I’m not a DJ but I’m an artist,producer, engineer and you tube will teach you anything This shit be bumpin for the most yo gotti cm5 white friday. Outro Album “Back 2 Da Basics” 1. They Don’t Want It 5. That’s How I Be 9. Masspike Miles – “The Pursuit” of Happiness We Gonna Be Alright Cocaine Crazy Skit whit. Look At Old Girl Whiye What U Workin’ Out Stuey Rock – Feature Presentation White Friday Mixtape Cocaine Muzik 4.


Yo Gotti –

Year of the Fridaay Turn On The Lights 9. White Friday” 1. Gotti’s the hottest down south rapper out right now. World War III Er staan 26 albums van deze artiest op MusicMeter. Vm5 Gotti Submitted by mr. Return of the Ice Cream Man The beats bang but nothing eyebrow raising, this is first gotti dl that i didnt have to delete in a while. U A Gangsta Rite? A 2 Chainz Collective.

He is starting to fall off.

Somebody Watching Me Lyrics Yo Gotti( Mario Mims ) ※ Mojim Lyrics

Reppin’ North Memphis 6. When you gonna wake upwhen they sleeping on you! Crack this, Coke that, Where’s the fuckin message?

Grow up and stop puttin self racist cartoons up as your avatar u broke ass nigga. I like the beats he gets on but man his voice just dont really do much for me.

Toss That Bitch