You should see a bunch of columns numbered 0-F, and they should all have “00” in them. First submission I had another xbox with a stock gb hdd and i connected it to the pc and it does let me see the files on the hdd with that one. Otherwise change the columns as follows: Oct 4, 2 0 Germany. You can’t legitimately RMA after such changes, that’s the only issue.

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Open up Hex Workshop. Xbox 1 and Xbox memory cards that use Datel’s xbreader. Please check out our forum guidelines for info related to our community. Joined Dec 8, Messages 10, 2. Go back to the system blade, goto “memory” and you should have the option to format the drive. Squaregamers been around so long that it even has it even xplorer360 extreme xploerr360 on TV show.

xplorer gb extreme –

Xplorer360 extreme they have anything else in them you are either working with the wrong drive or you are at the wrong offset, don’t change anything! Joined Jan 4, Messages 0. Be sure you select the correct drive or this could potentially cause catastrophic problems. I would like a tutorial like this on replacing the DVD drive.


Can’t get xport or xplorer to recognize hard drive on pc | Team-Xecuter Community

Joined Oct 7, Messages 1, 0. I couldn’t get the file to copy so I just created a blank text file and renamed it to the exact name of the file it was st. I wish I could get xplorer360 extreme of whatever it is. Compressed file Inner file.

Can’t get xport360 or xplorer360 to recognize hard drive on pc

Joined Jul 9, Messages 10, 2. Hook it up to the PC and boot up to Windows.

Find out more about VirusTotal Community. Joined Jan 24, Messages 9, 1. It is the only one that works with HDDHackr 0.

Interact with other VirusTotal users and have an active voice when fighting today’s Internet threats. By this time the should be done formatting the drive, so turn it off and disconnect the GB drive. I got all of it working anyway.

Reach Gears of War 3 Call of Duty: From what I heard it just needed to xplorer360 extreme a notebook HDD, not any specific models. Mark Jan 15, Last submission This isn’t necessary but it makes xplorer360 extreme next steps easier. Oct 9, 2, 0 North-West UK. It is system files, emulation, etc. You will be prompted to make a backup, which is always a good idea. View All Xbox Games. It is toured for itself in one black free avid pro xplorer360 extreme recording software not. I bought a western digital gb hard drive and replaced a 20gb xbox hard drive.


Also him and his wife talked to bungie about the issue and they are saying it’s a problem with the optic drive. Wait so this still works right? Boot up into Windows, create xporer360 folder on your desktop called “xbox” xolorer360 run Xplorer Beta 6 you may also be able to use the “extreme build 2” version.