With the aid of this dialog, it is possible to choose between all the printers which are available under Windows and, of course, change the default standard values such as paper size or orientation. And life gets easier. However, if the available area on the paper is too small, a message will appear informing you of how many sheets the page will be divided into. For certain line types , you can adjust the line thickness to Line weight 1 thinnest line. The printer dialog, which may vary from printer to printer depending on the printer features , will then appear. The Professional version is used in the planning, development and documentation of new projects.

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If you wish to invoke this command, a dialog will appear which will offer you a large number of options in controlling the output. When starting the program for the wscar time, both printers will be configured to the Windows standard printer configured in your system. No data transfer or conversion, wscad 5 quality loss, no hassle. WSCAD 5 manages 2 different printers: For certain line typesyou can adjust the line thickness to Line weight 1 thinnest line.

You can either accept this or abort the printout.

At the right place. You can very easily divert the printer output into a file by configuring your printer to do so under Windows Control panel — Printers.


For your information, see where your printout will take place. WSCAD 5 supports the following text types: The Compact version is often found in the maintenance department. The Professional version is used in the planning, development and documentation of new projects. You can select a escad from the list available on your system.

This can be configured independently from another printer which is used exclusively for the label printout. Plant and control schemes are created in building automation using the Building Automation discipline.

You can still decide whether the sequence of pages printed out should be reversed i. Add to My Suppliers. Wscad 5 one of the pieces of information in the printer area does not correspond to how you would like it wecad you would like wscar check other printer parameters, this can wscwd done via Printer properties.

When you have confirmed with OKall information from the Windows printer driver is copied wscad 5. Electrical Installation Learn more. Text in three different styles StandardPropoSpecial.

This should be the standard mode. Otherwise, either just the open page will be printed out or wscad 5 pages which have been entered. One for the label output. In addition, this version wsscad especially suitable for the creation of diagrams for small to medium-sized projects.


The only output devices supported are those allowing True Type fonts.

WSCAD (free version) download for PC

WSCAD 5 does not remember the settings but just the names wscad 5 the drawing and label wscad 5. Errors are eliminated from the beginning and productivity is increased. Building Automation Learn more.

If you have selected an area marked with a rectangle on the circuit diagram page, you can print just this selected area alone with the option Select.

For Customers Contact Newsletter Support. Here the user has at his disposal an extensive range of powerful online and monitoring functions which are indispensable in the creation of new projects. The style is very important if you need special character sets for eastern countries. The planning and documentation of pneumatic and hydraulic machines and plants is performed with the aid of the Fluid Engineering discipline … read more.

There is no longer any differentiation between fonts for screen and plotter. The Cabinet Engineering discipline provides a significant amount of support for the design and layout cabinets: