I am so sad that I waited so long to use it, could have saved a lot of time. Join concatenate multiple video clips into one. This App does exactly what it says. Thank you for reading. VidTrim Pro – Video Editor apk no concern.

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Features of VidTrim Pro: It helps you cut and trim videos just fine. Play Store update error. Keep the update coming gets better and better. Sometimes apps fail not bc due to developer error but device issues should also be considered, this is why I always be sure to include in my reviews the device s used. Will rate 5 if improves in a new update.

Only wishes are in frame grab, a back frame button, and in trim start stop by time input. Trim video clips right on your device – Merge video clips. Except for one little thing. The ease of use keeps my need to be mobil efficient and not upload just so I can to-do work later at my desktop. Simple and good at what it does.


I’m now able to edit on the go and get my videos done quickly, instead of having a backlog that needs editing when I get home. A really great video editor, trimmer, movie Maker. Video Show Video Editor As many users have already complained, out doesn’t work. Sometimes it won’t render some of the scenes, either freezing at a frame while the rest of the audio of the video plays put, or saying it’s unable to play.

Developer answered my questions quickly. Features of VidTrim Pro: Nook PDF Reader its good but not that much Fantastic and relatively simple interface. But for some reason my latest vidtrim pro 2.2.0 apk edited to a weird percent before it was done. But for the last couple weeks is been crashing. I’ve got tons of short videos with either the first second cut out or an awkward second at the start.

Before returning to normal. vidtrim pro 2.2.0 apk

Developer answered my questions quickly. VidTrim – Video Editor.

Vidtrim pro 2.2.0 apk download

You can also share your videos with your friends directly through the app. Not all video pri achieve this. I always have 30 minutes of nothing, and then 3 to 5 seconds I need to save. I have bought this app for a long time, and it gone from a video trimmer to a video editor.


VidTrim Pro – Video Editor for (Android) Free Download on MoboMarket

This App does exactly what it says. Where many others have failed, vidtrim pro succeeded. Nice and usefull features of this app will keep you captivated for a very long time.

The best video editor on the play store that I’ve tested. Everything works great except frame grabbing misses alot of frame and repeats frames. Trim video clips right on your device – Merge video clips.