Of course, when I saw this book I had to read it. Hanya saja rahasia mengapa Ibunya Pierce menelantarkannya sejak kecil itu terlalu lama terungkapnya, sampai2 membuat Pierce dan Camillia berprasangka buruk. The bloody woman was a plague! I have loved watching all the Sharpe siblings find their match and was not ready to let them go. Though it didn’t have the most illustrious beginnings, they had an immediate connection. Why is the captivating Mrs.

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Jeffies actions and reasoning were also very logical and her angst was burried deep in her soul. Keep your tissue boxes close by while reading this one.

Book ratings by Goodreads. She may have decided she wanted to play the role of mother again, but he no longer wanted to play her son. Wearing the same mask of rakishness, he tells her that she has to do something in exchange of his time with his mother.

Twas the night after christmas sabrina jeffries final result of that little experiment had me laughing out loud. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I gotta tell you that at first, these meetings of Pierce and Camilla made me roll my eyes. He loosened his cravat, trying to catch his breath.


Twas the Night After Christmas

I loved the plot of the christmxs. Jul 30, Daniella rated it did not like it. Together, Pierce and Camilla were Even with her spectacles on, she had the look of a fresh-faced country girl—eyes of a fathomless blue, a broad, sensual mouth, and a smattering of freckles across ivory skin. Things can either be righted or put to rest. But two surprises sahrina him at Montcliff. Oct 19, Donna rated it really liked it.

He was used to temper tantrums from departing mistresses. Quotes from ‘Twas the Night a We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

‘Twas the Night after Christmas by Sabrina Jeffries

Videos About This Book. Yet Pierce felt the same twinge of guilt as always. No grown man with an ounce of sense makes monumental decisions based on some half-baked sentiment he read on a St.

A must have for the holidays! Nick, His eyes-how they twinkled! There was a decent cast of side characters that helped give the story even more life as well as some hints of what readers could come to expect in Sabrina Jeffries’s next series, the Duke’s Men. He removed her spectacles and tossed them onto the nearby bed. Pierce Waverly jeffgies eight years old when his aftdr abandoned him.

Twas the Night After Christmas was an emotionally charged, sweet romance that I absolutely adored. But I suspect that the sabgina occupant of your bed will be equally unable to warm you. I twas the night after christmas sabrina jeffries how Camilla helped him to finally forgive his mom and understand that she just wanted what was best for him.


Camilla is the epitome of a caring and devoted woman. Pierce paced the bedchamber, badly shaken by the sight of agter mother.

Sabrinq stories usually include miracles because they seem to occur and be the most poignant during this time of year. Sabrina Jeffries is the NYT bestselling author of over 50 novels and works of short fiction some written under the pseudonyms Deborah Martin and Deborah Nicholas. As soon as Pierce entered the Dowager House, Fate intervened, shoved its foot in the door to Pierce’s heart, and began the seige for him to reconcile with his mother, find love with Camilla, and see life through Camilla’s son, Jasper.

I love his roguish ways.