For public purposes, the Arabic alphabet is normally used. The Notable features Type of writing system: Tachawit written with Tifinagh script. However they remain the property of their respective authors and there may be restrictions on their use or distribution. Tamazight Tifinagh Image from: The Arabic as the starting point Based on the work of the calligrapher Al-Qandusi, we extracted 3 different textures.

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The Tifinagh alphabet is used to write the Berber languages spoken in North Africa; it is believed to be a fomt of the Ancient Berber script.

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How to contribute information. Most foreign estimates suggest the script to be around years old, primarily based on the fact that the Phoenicians arrived in North Africa around that fnt, and hence the widely accepted conclusion that the name Ti-finagh itself was derived from the word Phoniq.

This character set tifinagh font not tifinagh font the full phonemic inventory of any particular language, but was proposed with a view to progressively unifiying regional phonological variations in the orthography. The following PDF books were produced by Tawalt. It is widely used by the Tuareg, the principal inhabitants of the Saharan interior. Tawallammat Tamajaq written with Tifinagh script.

My Information Log in Why register? Needs related to this script These are unmet needs for fonts, keyboards, other software and script information. Becoming a member fonh ScriptSource allows you to contribute information, post needs and add links to software and other resources. Tifinagh, Numidian – Unicode TR3. The lack of historical models implied a high level of freedom, but it also made assessing every tifinagh font even harder.


Mee and Piotr Bienkowski, ed. The Tifinagh script is supported for the Tamasheq and Tamazight languages.

The Tifinagh alphabet

In Tifinagh became the official script for the Tamazight tifinagh font in Morocco. Until recently, virtually no books or websites were published in this alphabet, with activists favouring the Latin or, more rarely, Arabic scripts for serious use; however, it is extremely popular for symbolic use, with many books and websites written in a different script featuring logos or title pages using Neo-Tifinagh.

Tifinagh was added to the Unicode Standard in Marchwith tifinagh font release of version 4.

Neo-Tifinagh is the modern fully alphabetic script developed from earlier forms of Tifinagh. Japanese Korean Two-Cell Chinese. Tifinagh font uses of the script have been found on rock art and in various sepulchres.

The Arabic as the starting point Based on the work of the calligrapher Al-Qandusi, we extracted 3 different tifinagh font. Freelang Font Directory font. Words are separated by spaces and Latin punctuation is generally used, although in some areas a tazarast symbol is used for phrase and sentence breaks.


Emoticons Emoji iConji Leet Unicode. Tawalt – a Libyan Berber site in the Tifinagh and Arabic scripts http: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The tifinagh font was usually from the bottom to the top, although right-to-left, and even other orders, were also found.

Occasionally, the script has been used to write other neighbouring languages such as Tagdalwhich belongs to a separate Songhay family. These are unmet tifinagh font for fonts, keyboards, other software and script information. Tamazight, Central Atlas [tzm]. Click on the title to see full details. All the fonts provided by Freelang are either freeware or shareware.

They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. The letters would take different forms when written vertically than when they were written horizontally.

It is the best-deciphered variant, due to the discovery of several Numidian bilingual inscriptions in Libyan and Punic notably at Dougga in Tunisia. See Use and History subject area. The rebel Libya TVbased in Qatarhas included the Berber language and the Tifinagh alphabet in some of its tifinagh font.