Click on CD cover to listen or purchase. Certainly the band pays homage to their Minneapolis roots and to the genius known as Prince, but the band chooses to pick up where they are now rather than where they left off as a group. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Jazz Latin New Age. Sexy Trippy All Moods. If I Was Yo Man.

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Recommended By J Matthew Cobb. The individual strength of its members is more evident on this album that it has been in the past and a nod to acknowledge that the sum is not greater than the parts. With every seasoned member now contributing to the creative process, each getting their feet wet in the songwriting and with no Prince in sight pulling the executive strings, The Original 7ven is basking in the glory of the original 7ven condensate freedoms and is proving to be as strong as they were when they first started.

The rest dabbles in sounds and influences that have been carried over from the members solo projects.

Click on CD cover to listen or purchase. Release Date October 18, Originap Trippy All Moods. Getting an advanced copy of the new album was an amazing treat after literally years of waiting. Orriginal offhanded sexism of Day ‘s lyrics hasn’t changed either, and it would be offensive if it weren’t so transparently silly the ascot he wears on the cover does help in that regardwhile his attempts to demonstrate hipness by name-checking Twitter and referring to blogs are origiinal endearing.


The original members are back 20 years after their heyday came to a close, and it’s as if nothing has changed — nothing, that is, except their name, which is now inexcusably unwieldy. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the the original 7ven condensate fully.

If I Was Yo Man. The 70 Best Songs of Origginal in the s, when Prince was leading a funk-soul revolution from his home base of Minneapolis, his shock troops included a band called the Time.

The Original 7ven: Condensate

The songs are consistent in their content-free attractiveness: Our Tributes – 40 Artists Who Died in Everything else remains the original 7ven condensate same: AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript.

Just go down the line: As time would teach us, The Time proved to be the biggest mistake Prince failed to capitalize on. Or, the heavy use of the Linn LM-1 drum machine? The Original 7ven have given us an album that was a long time in the making and actually pretty darn close to being worth the wait.

Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Streams Videos All Posts. Soul Music Biographies, News and Reviews. Origlnal to the Party Girl. Still, Prince was the star; leaving The Time in the shadows as the warm-up to the big finale.


Condensate – The Original 7ven | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Like everyone else, we got the samples that were posted on Amazon. Certainly the original 7ven condensate band pays homage to their Minneapolis roots and to the genius known as Prince, but the band chooses to pick up where they are now rather than where they left off as a group.

Or, how about those spunky instrumental jam extensions that felt like distant cousins to the overloads of disco? Diddy even met Fonzworth Bentley. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Call it a second coming, a second coming of cool funk.

The Original 7ven – Condensate

As are the sporadic riffs from Monte Moir and Terry Lewis that polish off edges in a way that only they can. The droning single note keyboard stabs that The Time made famous back in the days of Ice Cream Castles is still a main ingredient in the songs. Celebration Good Times Partying Relationships.

Condenaste hits the streets October 18th,