There is no hint why the return is not getting revised. I wish you just keep us update regularly. The procedures of TDS along with related legal provisions are discussed herein below for the understanding of the stakeholders including the Drawing and Disbursement Officers DDOs who are required to deduct tax in accordance with the provisions of the GST Laws. The deductee would be able to utilize this amount for discharging his tax liabilities. In GST, there will be a single portal www.

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Following payment is being made by GoI to Y: Gta Gst on stock transfer of empty cylinders Input gst on sale of capital goods Gst Gst rcm Gst-e-waybill query-urgent Making invoice of wrong party.

Taxable Supply means supply of goods or services or both which is leviable to tax under GST [Section 2 refers]. Kishor April 29, at 2: This supply of service is exempt in terms of Sl. Guide “How to prepare step by step”return is also available in word document. Value of taxable supply under the contract is Rs.



Home Experts Income Tax. CSI File download from following link. For example services exempted under notification No. However, Government suspended the applicability of TDS till It is the process of matching the details of challan mentioned in TDS return and eariler deposition of tds through challan. The said certificate is to tde furnished within five days of crediting the tds rpu 3.1 so deducted to the Government i. Click here to login now. Hemant Kumar Expert Follow 01 October Y and all previous years.

Supplier and the deductor are in the same State.

The tds return – rpu version 3.1

What is this csi file challan file and txs where can it be tds rpu 3.1 The information you have serving us really very worthy and increasing our knowledge. Supplier X makes taxable supply worth Rs. This supply of goods is exempt in terms of Sl. Section 80CCG has been incorporated for Form no. FORM GSTR 7 electronically within 10th of the month succeeding 3.

month in which deductions have been made to avoid payment of any late fee, interest.

Tds Tax India: e-TDS :-Latest RPU with FVU releases or

In case the challan is overbooked challan, then the update is allowed only for fields as below:. Health Department tss making payment of Rs.


No deduction of tax and cess should also be made on the value of exempted goods or services or both even tdss the exempt and taxable tds rpu 3.1 are billed together. We have faced problem with RPU but it is simple software than the other market products. Situation in all cases taxable contract value is over Rs. Read More about free etds return free etds software rpu 2.

The deductor has to generate a challan in the portal at www. Rehbar Siamwala May 10, at There is no hint why the return is not getting revised. State of registration of recipient. Samy Jain May 3, at Municipality is making payment of Rs.