There are two types of positional shots to think about. Left or right for sidespin. You would normally wish move the target to one of the pockets. What differentiate these people from good players? Would you like to understand the effect of sidespin, follow and draw shots?

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If so, this powerful App will be for you! Welcome to the Snooker Angles Game Each player has to estimate the angle bearing and force required to pot the ball.

It is the red-dot you see on screen. Sometimes, you can break the cluster while still managing the first and second cluster set.

Tutorial: How to stop missing certain angles in snooker

Anyway, just wanted to let you know your articles are being read and appreciated during the long Canadian winters. The fact is, the amount of offset between the yellow line and the purple snooker potting angle calculator above varies with the potting angle. You would normally wish move the target to one of the pockets. So for any angled pot, in order to make the object ball travels in the desired direction, the cue ball must travel towards the centre of the Virtual Ball CVB – purple line – and NOT pointing towards the actual contact point on the object ball, POC.

I will keep this idea in mind. My question is Q Regarding the position of cue ball for pktting next shot which among the below to be considered first?


How you execute shots and what kind of shot you mostly choose is important to understand. You should always aim to hit the cue ball centre. A friend just gave anble an original Riley Paul Hunter Series RIL- 3 piece cue, well I am sure it is not the best, but it is straight and seems far better than the earlier cue i was using.

Snooker Potting Angle Calculator (SPAC)

Playing a game snooker potting angle calculator estimating skills is much more fun that working through a traditional exercise. One thing I poyting recommend is to find yourself five extra blue balls and using them on the colors when in practice.

What kind of stroke are you most likely to use and are most comfortable with will dictate what your breakbuilding looks like. While moving the balls around you should also observe how the virtual ball re-positions, and how the coloured lines are drawn on the table: Many players believe that, for any angled shot, the point on the object ball furthest from and directly opposite the chosen pocket is the correct contact point POC as in below picture. Is this something that might interest you?

The key to successful potting is snooker potting angle calculator determine the correct cue direction Line of Aim and SPAC trains your brain to understand how the line is established so you can apply the same technique in your games. Hi Mayur, We have spoken before. Normally you would want the object ball to travel towards the Target.


The choice to make here for a color are less clear and they change depending on what kind of stroke, potting ability, pottkng style you choose. Its sngle back hand that delivers the cue, not the eyes. There are two types of positional shots to think about. Your missing shot training is I am sure brilliant: Please add a comment and let me know how your game proceeds from the ideas I have shared.

Snooker Angles

Thanks for your timeā€¦. Anglee the wrong things may give you some good results occasionally, but it never gives you the consistency required to become an outstanding snooker player. I ask everyone that comments to provide some videos showing me their game.

Thanks for the comment! Move finger left and right on the screen to move the cue around the cue-ball “FAST” 3. How far will the ball travel before falling into a pocket?

The simulation takes care on claculator balls!

Snooker Potting Angle Calculator (SPAC)

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. In real games it is not easy to visualize this Line of Aim, but if this concept is well understood and applied, potting precision is sure to improve.

I also have a problem playing the right angles.