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I don’t need any new friends. Why aren’t you here? Give me Oh, shit. I wanted a fuck. Can’t we take her dad to court or something?

Skins s06e02 Episode Script

I think I can help. Yes, you do love me, you fucking love me! Nurse Pauline Liza Tarbuck You fucked my house up, I see. And you’ll make lots of skins s06e02 friends. Everything does, sooner or later. Nothing works without her, Alo, none of this! He can’t get past things. I want you skins s06e02 think a way out of the predicament, Richard.


Fuck skuns both of you. You awful, awful bastards.

It’s cos she’ll fuck anything and you’re anything. You’re not going anywhere, Mins.

Skins s06e02 Episode Script | SS

Edit Storyline Blaming the gang for what happened to Grace,her father,Professor Blood,bans boyfriend Rich from seeing her in hospital,though Rich manages to sneak in and finds she has woken up though she skins s06e02 being moved to a hospital in Zurich. She never woke up, did she, from the accident? We don’t skins s06e02 you. Mate, we need to, er Get a new drummer. I do actually feel a little better.

The 10 best episodes of skins third generation. I’m walking on sunshine, whoa!

You found them, skins s06e02 This is David Blood’s house. Grace Violet Freya Skins s06e02 If you were worth your salt. I’ll stay here with you, with you You say, “It’s time to leave” It’s getting dark Feet moving on their own We trust they’ll take us home Don’t you worry cos I’m staying here Don’t you worry cos I’m not leaving Don’t you worry cos I’ll staying with you Rich!


Grace It’s me again. I’d rather hang myself.

You motherfuck Fucking hell. I lost my phone. I probably really love you, Grace, but your dad’s a total bell end.