Sambhu shankar namah shivaye Xtylish Boy 6 months ago. Anandamayi Ma Guitar – Song: This music is originally made by Rajat Prakash and its intended to use only for remake purpose nothing else. Shiva is the supreme reality, the inner Self. Hear first as new courses are released. The mantra may be experienced as an appeal to God as the destroyer of our illusion and ignorance that stands in the way of perfect union and enlightenment. And he, who in this oneness of love Loves me in whatever he sees, Wherever this man may live, In truth, he lives in me

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Beautiful peaceful shambhu shankar namah shivay song must listen thanx for watching crazy gyaan crazygyaan.

Moving your Sa Harmonium – Transposing: Kirtan is the communal call-and-response chanting and singing, over and over, of the many names of the Hindu gods and goddesses. Hanuman Chalisa Harmonium – Song: Jaya Radha Guitar – Song: Baba Hanuman Harmonium – Song: Hare Krishna in Kalyan Harmonium – Song: When we reach the beach and see the ocean for the first time, we’re transfixed by the vastness and Beauty.


Dhun “shambhu shankar namah shivay” by hemant chauhan, released by Tanuj Media, jamnagar year Om Namah Shivaya Harmonium – Song: Satsang is where people gather together to remember, to turn within and find their own inner path to the One.

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This music is originally made by Rajat Prakash and its intended to use only for remake purpose nothing else. The practice is to become one with them.

There are lyrics in the video too, All we have to do is Remember. When we see the beauty of our own being we are seeing the zhankara of the ‘Being that is the One’ of which we are all a part.

Shambho Shankara namah Shivaya, Girija Shankara na | Bhakti Breakfast Club

Krishna Das is the preeminent western practitioner of the Kirtan. In Hinduism, ahankara is that aspect of the Divine which breaks down or brings to a close the creative cycle of Creation, Destruction and Recreation. We are happy to share this professionally filmed and recorded video of Krishna Das singing “Om Namah Shivaya” live with you!

Listen to excerpts from Krishna Das’ album ‘Pilgrim Heart’. Ma Durga Harmonium – Song: Finally we merge with that ocean of love and somehow find ourselves back on girja shore, returning to ourselves so that we can share the experience with others. The thing I most miss about This mantra begins with the primordial sound “OM”.


We can’t make it happen.

Hindu Chanting (Kirtan)

Rishikesh Ankur kumar ankur Kumar Year ago. Shyamdas Hare Krishna Harmonium – Song: We don’t have to create anything; we don’t have to manufacture any emotions or feelings. These Names are the sound of the surf of that Ocean of Love. Radhe Radhe Harmonium – Song: Bhupali Govinda Harmonium – Song: Anandamayi Ma Guitar – Song: They hold the power to help us find our way back to that ocean.

It is an offering of spirit and feeling, a prayer; a devotional practice set to music. Arunachala is a sacred mountain in south India.