I also came across something with the same name in a programmer’s forum, but could not download it. It helps Windows select the right program to open the file. We have a huge database of file extensions file types with detailed descriptions. It can even display time slices, if you set it up properly. Has some problem loading my 3D SEGy though as it showed incorrect headers The cursor gives time and amplitude in volts. It only reads integer formats.

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However, right-click on display allows some modifications.

SEG-Y viewer download, free SEG-Y viewer download.

Original downloads segy viewer All software listed on file. As interest in SEGY viewers has grown over the last weeks we have decided to compile a list! It expects data to be little-endian. This software has changed and is now a paid package. SeismiGraphix This is in Java, so runs under most operating systems.

SeiSee comes with segy viewer rich set of features that can help researchers, students and teachers to better analyze earthquake data inside an environment that is comfortable and degy for the average computer user. It takes several mouse clicks to load viewwer file, but is worth it.


SEGY Viewer

In what the viewing area is concerned, the program allows you to trace headers and comes with a segy viewer copy feature. IHS now offer a package called PetraSeis, as well as this freeware. Does not display headers. Any tips on how to do sevy Plots only VA wiggle, so suitable only for less than traces. This was designed for viewing output of a special program, and it is not useful as a general SEG Y viewer.

Geopsy For Linux sourceMac and Windows. Related Posts Segy viewer tour and high-quality visualization with ParaView 5. Ivewer software listed on file. Can show amplitude statistics of trace and whole line. Spectrum Data Formerly known as “Encom viewer”. SeiSee was reviewed by Andreea Matei.

For Windows and Mac.

Download SeiSee

The display quality is poor. Can also display dump of sample values. This is indeed a very nice find! DMNG This is not bad at all, although default amplitude scaling too hot.

Can show spectra with logarithmic frequency scale.


However, it displays headers with many options. It is for Windows. Summit This is demo version, it has nag screen and watermark.

ITG It is apparently taken from a larger package.

SEG-Y viewer download, free SEG-Y viewer on software download –

August 27, at 1: The list of known supported file types is further down the page. Note Resolve now market a new program named SeisShow which is considerably different. Other highlights include automatic gain control, check operations for header consistency, seg pass filters, trace search, a seismic plotter, as well as the possibility to export the image to BMP and PostScript formats.

Annotation – 3 headers top and bottom Amplitude segy viewer automatic, can be adjusted. The cursor gives time and amplitude in volts. Also it segh not display the segy viewer header correctly.