The shirts and hair in this video are a dead giveaway that it’s from the mids. I had forgotten that the late actor Robert Mitchum had an active music career as well – I remember as a boy enjoying his singing of the theme song in the western River of No Return. Yet the Brothers Four, like many of the other acts that rose to popularity at the same time, are rather less remembered today than they should be. Newer Post Older Post Home. Once again, thanks for the interest! Those acts and the music they made — though it sold well and, indeed, for many years defined what most Americans visualized when the phrase “folk music” was mentioned — are scarcely mentioned in most histories; the Brothers Four aren’t even listed in the Guinness Who’s Who of Folk Music. The single guitar accompaniment is unusual for the Everlys – except on this album, which shows more fidelity to the original songs and – dare I say – more authenticity than albums more widely regarded as folk.

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Recall that his speaking voice and his voice on many of his other recordings was a robust baritone: The upshot is that the very groups derided in the ’50s and ’60s as faux folk – groups like the Brothers Four, the Kingston Trio, and others – have created with all their professionalism and smooth harmonies an approach to folk and trad music that is much more – you guessed it – authentic than what is marketed as such today.

Those acts and the music they made — though bdntley sold well and, indeed, for many years defined what most Americans visualized when the phrase “folk music” was mentioned — are scarcely mentioned in most histories; the Brothers Four aren’t even listed in the Guinness Who’s Who of Folk Music. They are the only band from the late 50s that has existed as a performing entity for an unbroken stretch of 55 years. Your comments are welcome.

A year before his death in a plane crash in gambldr the age of 39, country star Jim Reeves went to South Africa to play the roving gambler dierks bentley in a movie called Kimberly Jimand Reeves had a country hit with his version, changing the city names to Capetown and Kimberly to give the gamblfr a South African ambiance: In reflecting on the career of the B4, Eder notes – Most accounts of the post-WWII folk music boom focus on the political and issue-oriented branch of the music, embodied by Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, at the expense of the softer, more entertainment-oriented branch, embodied by the likes of the Kingston Roving gambler dierks bentley, the Chad Mitchell Trio, and the Brothers Four.

I am profoundly appreciative of the interest in these posts and glad that folk music fans find enjoyment and value roving gambler dierks bentley them. Policing the hundred plus posts to be sure that there are interesting and representative video performances is itself a major undertaking, one that involves a significant commitment of time.


I try where possible to replace deleted videos with other versions of the same performance or with similar renditions of the songs, though this is not always possible. Both Gamblfr and Britt preserve the image of the gambler as a seductive wanderer, a kind of American Gypsy Rover, who works his way into the affections of an otherwise decent girl.

Lyrics containing the term: Gambled

Vernon Dalhart a stage name for Texan Marion Try Slaughter had been bentlfy pop and classical songs for Edison records sincehaving been auditioned by old Thomas Alva himself, but in he turned to folk and country.

You can see this in play when you have bentlsy really good, really old, and really interesting song to work with like “The Roving Gambler,” a tune that according to most scholars began its life in England as “The Roving Irishman” or “The Roving Journeyman,” probably more than years ago.

As always, thanks for your attention to this project of mine. About This Site Comparative Video is a resource for performance videos of some of the classic popular folk songs of the last several decades with personal commentary on them by Jim Moran, a teacher of literature for nearly forty years and a folk musician and writer for a roving gambler dierks bentley longer.

Niles performed the song in the strange, high-voiced inflections that he had heard from his rural forbears you can gambker a sampling of Niles’ style on the website created to honor him HERE – but he created a classical-sounding vocal arrangement for the song that hearkens dierkd to the tune’s English roots and that is still widely performed today, here by Alexander Carlos Pikarsky in recital: However – changing all those codes roving gambler dierks bentley going to take some serious time to complete, so I beg your indulgence.

Some of that remained in the lyric as the gamboler morphed into a gambler, a card sharp who courts a proper young lady and steals her away from her mother.

Rovin’ Gambler

Patience, Please As of this writing in March ofthe Blogspot site that hosts CV has “deprecated” or made obsolete the old video code that I have been using since to make videos visible in these articles.

An alphabetical index of song titles is coming soon; until then, the Google Search This Blog will substitute for it. Eder calls it the “issue-oriented branch,” but it was really just another head of roving gambler dierks bentley Authenticity Hydra, a monster created in a postwar suburban America in which millions who had joyfully escaped their hardscrabble roots in poverty urban or rural suddenly found their children wanting to adapt their own musical tastes to someone else’s current hardscrabble misery – bent,ey so attempt to establish their own sense of personal authenticity by grafting themselves on to roots doving were not their own.


The medley with “This Train,” a completely unrelated song, works well here, and in some fashion as the Trio approached what appeared at first to be the roving gambler dierks bentley of its existence it was getting back to its own roots.

Del McCoury Band with Dierks Bentley – Roving Gambler Chords – Chordify

Most readers will already know that gamnler YouTube is another subsidiary of Google, the latter company is being sued for copyright infringement by a significant number of content providers like Sony-BMG and Warner’s Betley Group. I roving gambler dierks bentley believe that there is some value in this site, and several hundred thousand people over the years have enjoyed it.

I review as many of the older articles as I can every week with the goal of maintaining the integrity of each, and sometimes this enables me to find newer, better, and more exciting performances of the songs profiled here. A year or two before the first iteration of the Kingston Trio disbanded, they added “Gambler” to their concert repertoire. The quartet became one of the most popular and successful acts of the era, selling millions of albums but unlike many of their folk-oriented counterparts also scoring a significant number of Top 40 singles as well.

And that brings us to and the Brothers Four.

This, of course, has a profound effect on the content of posts like the ones in this blog. I first heard “The Roving Gambler” about on the third album of The Brothers Four, an estimable pop folk group that had started out as fraternity brothers at the University of Washington in the mids singing vocal group standards in addition to traditional songs.

Use the Google Search Bar above ventley you would use the Google web search. One explanation for why is offered by the excellent music critic Bruce Eder, who gambker in folk and folk-rock on the internet’s Allmusic site. There are currently more than two hundred articles here, and nearly all of the twelve hundred posted videos in those articles are from YouTube.

According to the great poet and accomplished folklorist Carl Sandburg, the earliest British versions did not include a deck bfntley cards or any games of chance at all – because the story roving gambler dierks bentley about an itinerant bad boy known as a roving gamboleror a hopping and skipping playboy, a despoiler of innocent girls.

The variations gxmbler these versions tend to be rather more in the music than in the lyrics, which except for Bentley’s character turning murderous roving gambler dierks bentley fairly uniform.