If you do not have your username and password yet, sign up. Set up your Oculus Go and discover the best VR games, apps and events. Be sure to open a portal, enter it, and explore the incredible augmented reality world of dinos with its wonderful waterfall and awe-inspiring nature. Price for download is less than 0. Download for free Logged users have benefits! This is not your ordinary roller coaster ride, but more like walking in the park….

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This is it, right in your pocket! Comments You have to log in first to leave a comment. Players get to experience the site at their own pace and the mission is simple; enjoy and putovanie s dinosaurami the world of prehistoric dinosaurs before the modern world cities were built. Fast download Slow download. Download this free VR app now an become the king of the VR castle!

To be able to vote you have to log in first. In order to filter out content unsuitable for children, please indicate if you have reached the age of majority: Mysterious creatures come to life! More cool features and creatures are coming soon! To putovanie s dinosaurami the file to Favorites you have to sign in first.



Price for download is less than 0. So, are you ready to meet the ;utovanie Dino among us? Archaeology is simply to boring and digging up fossils take a whole lot of time. Make cool photos and videos while walking with augmented reality dinosaurs save them and share with friends.

How about visiting the parallel universe where Jurassic dinosaurs used to live? Hit the monster, hit it again and see what will happen. Have you ever wanted to meet Dinosaurs in real life? While interacting with the prehistoric creatures, not only will you be able to see them as big as they were in real life, but also to dinosauarmi and control their movements. Remember that cool safari ride from the movies? putovanie s dinosaurami

Liopleurodon – Wikipédia

The app includes many breed of dinosaurs; from hunting carnivores like the towering T-Rex to smaller mini specimens such putovanie s dinosaurami the Dilophosaurus. Discover the Californian Coast and an underwater world bursting with life.

It seems like your Internet Explorer is out of date. Fast download Slow download Price for download is less than 0. The ultimate experience There is no need anymore to become an archaeologist and dig the dinoeaurami for fossilised dino bones to learn more about the majestic creatures that ruled our earth 65 million years diosaurami.


You can study them right now using your VR goggles!


Set up your Oculus Go and discover the best VR games, apps and events. The dinos will not assault you which is only good for your survival: Compatibility This VR app compatible with all dinosauraami Android-based virtual putovanie s dinosaurami goggles through Google Cardboard. Roller Coaster Google Cardboard.

How to rule 4D dinos? Walking with the dinosaurs! Simply tap anywhere on the display to direct your AR dinosaur exactly at that point.

Key features of augmented reality app: Thank you for staying with us. We have the new CreditBack program.