Refresh Host The Refresh host option enforces the selected Pointsec Protector client s to re-register with the server. All Events Displays all removable media audit events. Using the Device Manager Configuration Editor it is possible to add specific brands and models of devices for more granular device management. By clicking on Computers you will see a list of Pointsec Protector protected workstations. Device Access Settings The device access settings control access to removable media, devices and ports.

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The following pages show how to install and configure version 8. More Information If you require information on Check Point s other security products or services, or if you should encounter any problems with Pointsec Protector, please visit our web site or call us.

Pointsec Protector EPM Explorer | WhatPulse

Loading content, please wait However, in ptotector instances there is often a requirement to assign machine specific settings. It is not advisable to select this em when using the Pointsec DataScan as users maybe able to import unauthorized file types by deselecting and choosing just to invoke an anti-virus scan.

This Enhanced Mode of operation will detect every single change made to the removable media on a non-pointsec Protector machine. Adding Users to Groups To add new users to an existing group: Pointsec protector epm explorer installing and using the product, please review the readme files. The user can be permitted to select an AV scanner to authorize media, thus enforcing only virus free file types can be authorized irrespective of their executable content.


Recorded in server log By selecting this option, all audit events will automatically be uploaded to the server log. Before installing and using the product, review lointsec readme files, release. Figure On completion, click Finish. Click Yes as required.

Pointsec Protector. Administrator s Guide

To access encrypted data on the device, double-click the unlock. To build a removable media audit rule select Add and the Media Audit Rule window is displayed.

The following dialog is displayed: Figure A message is displayed to show a valid license number has been entered. This section details the various options available as part of the profile templates. Generate device arrival audit event This checkbox turns on, if selected, the sending of audit events from the device. The addition of such devices can be blocked using Device Manager. Figure Distributing a Package After proector the package creation wizard, Pointsec Protector Client is available for installation.

Endpoint Media Encryption and Port Protection

SafeGuard Easy Demo guide. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. These profiles should include a standard user profile and an administrator profile expoorer any other special profiles required. This can be configured periodically by selecting a preferred day and time. However, this system would be slow for all media directory levels and is therefore only applied to seven directory levels that is, including the root level.


Pointsec Protector. Administrator s Guide – PDF

Pointsec Protector Server Logging DataScan has always had its pointsec protector epm explorer log file options, but the new Pointsec Protector Server module will not only generically log the results of all third party scans of media with virus scanners, it will pointsec protector epm explorer log the exact file s preventing media from being authorized when scanned.

Clicking Next will close the dialog, report generation will continue in the background: If the group is using a custom template then any changes will only affect the selected group. During installation it is possible to configure the SMTP server used for sending alerts and also the specified accounts and security credentials.

The profiles to be assigned to the group must be selected: If this option is selected users will receive all messaging from the system tray as balloon messages that automatically close after 10 seconds and require no user interaction.

RMM alert text Message: Only programs with a. Click the Export this site ID. Changes made to the profile within the Profile Templates node will be applied to users within this group. User Name Records the Domain and Username of the current user.