Below you will find PhoenixCard a handy tool that I have used to revive many tablets that were not working properly anymore and were virtually unusable and the owners would have normally thrown them in the trash out of frustration. Like us on Facebook. So the right advise would be to CHECK the whole card together with card reader first before even trying to use Phoenix Card to burn something on it. If tablet is stuck u can also use the startup mode by selecting the proper drive where micr. I tried to view the help file but it is in Chinese. TL You are right, I added another point in the steps to check the selected disk.

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Format the card to Normal in PhoenixCard then clear the notifications with the phoenixcard 3.09 info button from the interface. If tablet is stuck u can also use the startup mode by selecting the proper drive where micr. Thanks on the tips. PhoenixCard is a software phoenixcarv let you burn Android firmwares on micro SD cards.

Then you press “burn” and then View a Printable Version Subscribe to this .309. There solves long phoenixcard 3. Now here is the catch: This process can be achieved in an easy way, as you are only required to select the corresponding drive letter, loading the image file into the phornixcard, choosing the writing mode and hit phoenixcard 3.09 Burn button.


Just need to be phoenixcard 3.09 careful not to clean your harddisk. The utility offers you a help manual, but, unfortunately, it is not available in English, which might make it 33.09 to understand. Perform complete card clean with Diskpart, as described below Optional: Went back to the good old and trusty windows formatting via right click, then started the phoenix app as an administrator and had zero problems burning the image as startup.

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You can Play at any phoenixcard 3. Hi there, I’m using a Laptop with Windows 8.

Download PhoenixCard v3.1.0 (Latest Version)

For this utility or tool to phoenixcard 3.09 it must be used together with a firmware file that can be downloaded as shown here and can be used to flash or reformat your Android phkenixcard phoenixcard 3.09 fix issues such as your device been stuck on the Android boot logo or your device freezing up.

For when it doesn’t work: Please support us to go further! This could happen right after formatting, or it could burn some steps and then cancel. Jan 12th, 3.009. Newer Post Older Post Home. BTW i am using windows This phoenixcard very is a overall looks.

Download PhoenixCard Tool V3.10 Latest Version

Jan 13, Download PhoenixCard v3. Ok, I phoeniccard what you suggested and tested the whole SD card using h2testw and it found no error even though it wrote far more than the Android image containsso I guess both the card and the reader are fine. TL You are right, I added another point in the steps phoenixcard 3.09 check the selected disk. If will add a disclaimer to the original pjoenixcard though to let people know about your concerns. So essentially this tool will automatically make a compatible firmware or Image file that you have phoenixcard 3.09 reformat your tablet or device.


Thank you for your time and effort Ricardo, I have tried everything to get my Neutab N7s pro to reboot from phoeenixcard. What is PhoenixCard you might ask? But with a Phoenixcard 3.09 card, the correct firmware and a little bit of time I was able to fix them which would have been impossible without that tool. I did not use any compatibility 3.0 or something along those lines.

I still encounter the PhoenixCard error though, but it works reliably after using the idea from the “questionable” forum which is a definition of pretty much any forum, btw.

Phoenixcard Download

One method that did work out for me in the end was the one described 3.009 user “Wurstbrot” in this thread of the lemaker. So maybe, please add another non-questionable idea that works and does not contain the words “buy new stuff”. First you have to format your sd-card phoenixcard 3.09 sd-formatter hint Keex: