Campaign flow charts No we don’t make campaign flow charts, unless you find one in the campaign download. Includes all the new sounds added from soundup up to now. Unit addition Adlerkorps aims to be a battalion based e-file, meaning that all equipment that were available in battalions or independent companies outside the battalions should be represented in the e-file. US Southwest Pacific Campaign v1. Board index All times are UTC. All PG2 files specifications.

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For vehicles and planes, a minimum of ten is required for it to be added to the equipment file. Special Baltic efileincluded with download. When using Windows XP the built-in screenshot feature panzer general 2 adlerkorps work as expected. SS Leibstandarte version panser. None of these have been checked for viruses or other nasties. Pacific Theater Equipment File Must use v4. From there i got sent to Russia! While there are units with new abilities such as recon planes, forts that support like artillery etc they are usually rare and have bad sides to counter their extra abilities.

I’ve uncompressed the two music files into the Sound folder but I don’t hear any music. Pacific Equipment genreal v4.


I use 7zip regularly, you’d think I’d have seen this problem before, geeral, no Those running Vista 64 bits, must use these packages. Someday my software will do what I tell it to do the first time I tell it to do so, and I’ll fall over dead from the shock.

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I even tested this out by exiting PG2 and loading it back up paanzer problem exists But when I alt Tabbed it worked! Check Gilestiel site to know more details. If you try to start the game with the Panzer general 2 adlerkorps exe, it won’t work. Barbarossa original version, v1. With this program you can check the campaign flow meaning what scenario should come after Windsor 43 Re: Main Campaigns home Copyright statement. Maps’ size text files.

SS Air Korps 2. Adlerkorps is a Hefilewhich means that units in high demand, such as heavy tanks, heavy artillery and superb fighters will generl a much higher cost than regular equipment such as basic infantry, mm howitzers etc. One is his classic Blitzkrieg!

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More help on how what pptions are available can be read from D3D Options. New Guinea, Philippines, Fall Weiss; Poland This is a different campaign to “Fall Weiss” above, also by the same designer. Boot of Deathv1.


This is a site mainly focused for WW2 on Peoples General engine, but you can find here many interesting stuff and links. While I admire the amount of work put into Adlerkorps one, it is too cluttered for my liking and I dislike so changes made to unit statistics. To download any, panzer general 2 adlerkorps the link in left column.

The undisputed king of the Tactical Victory. The Suite will also give you the possibility also to check if you have maps missing for a campaign.


Narayan Sengupta and Joel Illian and me v2. Pacific Equipment File v4. In the Line of Fire v1.

If so, I would urge you to also put in the maps the campaigns use, so players can download, and play any campaign right from the spot. Panzerarmee a modification of Dave Anderson’s original 7.