Click the color box to open the color picker. Information on the coding language used to create the HTML template can be found here. In this tutorial we add a logo and link it to a website. For the next output, make sure Generate Files is deselected. The trial version is fully functional and you can test it as long as you like.

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If using this, there’s no need to add a fallback object2vr SWF. View states can be defined as alternative views of object2vr object and this tutorial will show you how to build them into your project. Object2VR will trigger the camera as the turntable rotates.

Select this to have the movie open in fullscreen within the browser. Change the name of the file if you wish and choose where to save the outputted files associated with the project. The menu bar includes some features not found anywhere else, like showing guides. This determines which level will be used when the player is first opened.

The time it takes for the object to object2vr to rotate in seconds again after it has been manually moved by the user. The next option, Scaling, lets you choose object2vr you want your movie to scale within the movie object2vr.


If you only want the text visible no boxesbe sure to deselect Visible from both Background and Border. Use it to control the turntable and to load the image object2vr into the Light Table object2ve object2vr camera. For the initial output, enable multiresolution.

For best object2vr use settings between px to px. Set the movie’s sensitivity to the movement of the mouse.

Object2VR Examples

The skin, simplex uses scalable object2vr graphics SVG. See Cache Manifest File. If no change is made here, this is where you will find your outputted image. If your sequence contains empty images – or object2vr that hold no photographic content – select this option to repeat the previous image. Adjust viewing parameters and add user dataand hotspots if you wish. Select this to show the user data table. The object2vr version is fully functional and you can test it as long as you like.

HTML5 Output (Object2VR) | Garden Gnome Software

Hit OK to output the object movie. Information on the coding objecf2vr used to create the HTML template can be found here. The default is to output the file in the same folder as the original images. Use the powerful Skin Editor to design your own look and feel for the object2vr.


Let users zoom in deeper to see the detail in the object. This outputs a manifest filecalled: Starting with the Objecf2vr Settings, set the width of objdct2vr image or select auto to use to the original width of the image. The skin editor is a powerful object2vr and there are many ways to work and create within it. In this tutorial we add a logo and link it to a website. Here object2vr can do a number of things: A default zoom of 1 means the image will be at its original zoom level or have no zoom object2vr applied.

Use hotspots to pop up information, highlight an area of the object or to open another object movie.

Auto move mode allows the image to be moved while zoomed in. To display an object in different object2vr, for example, in different colors, Object2VR lets you add these images as view states.