The rolling direction shall be clearly identified. A needle hammer is normally used when a wider area shall be covered. B, containing as a minimum the specific tested chemical composition of the wire or weld metal, as applicable. Prior to fabrication start-up, contractor shall implement a system for recording of weld defect rates. Groove depth measuring tools and macro photo is normally applied. Any occurrence of cracking during production welding shall be investigated.

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Covered electrodes for manual metal arc welding. Causes for non-conformance shall be immediately investigated and corrective action norsok m-101 be taken to prevent further occurrence. Holes shall be made by machine drilling. Local alignment of sleeves 20 mm. Hydrogen testing shall norsok m-101 according to ISO or equivalent. The methods and equipment used shall enable verification of the survey accuracy.

Minimum radii of weld profiles after blending should not be less than 10 mm. For welds with a joint thickness Noraok The ground area shall be visually inspected and MT shall be performed in accordance with the inspection category in question.

The ultrasonic operator’s assessment of the defect, using his knowledge of the welding process, signal geometry, defect position etc. NDT after norsok m-101 shall not be included when calculating the defect nkrsok. For stubs longer than 1 stub diameter, the position deviation between can and stub may be taken at the 1 diameter location.


Testing performed shall be j-101 for the weld quality. This extent shall be maintained for norsok m-101 weld and test length sufficient to conclude that the weld repair percentage is at a reasonable level. The specified percentage to be tested in Table 3 refers to the total length of welds in each inspection category. Welds containing cracks shall not be repaired, until the reason for the cracking has been determined.

Structural steel fabrication |

The specified point’s actual position relative to it’s nominal position. For noorsok defects in single sided welds, the max.

Type of defect shall be decided by: Localised reinforcements exceeding the above requirements are acceptable.

The grid system defines the design origo location and elevation datum for a structure. Mating surface level at stab-in M-11 norsok m-101 b 3 MSF: Crevices and areas which become inaccessible after fabrication or assembly shall be sealed off from the outside atmosphere.

The inspection frequency shall be sufficient to report weekly quality status during fabrication based on welding inspection reports.

NORSOK Structural Steel Fabrication M-101

The last m shall be continuously updated every week. If indicated on design drawings that removal full or partial is not required, the temporary attachments may be left as is, or removed only partially. Personnel shall be qualified as described in 9. Grinding tools, direction, surface roughness and norxok profile shall be specified.


Visual inspection and finish of welds: Welding should be norsok m-101 until the cause of cracks and defects has been identified and measures taken to prevent their reoccurrence.

Norsok M101 Rev.5 2011

Temporary cut outs shall have a corner radius not less than mm. Symmetry of fillet welds, see Figure norspk. Economical Norsok m-101 Steel Work. The base material properties shall satisfy the specified requirements after straightening. Each individual product brand name and dimensions shall be tested once per batch, except for solid wire originating from the same heat, where one diameter may represent all.

The minimum extent of examination is given in Table G.