I’ve tried very hard in doing this I’ve never actually tried on the phone cause it is not my phone it is my moms I own a samsung galaxy y which is rooted and Running stock rom and CWM Recovery and im afraid that i may Hard Brick her phone. Android Apps and Games. How hard have you searched? By webconnect , Member on 19th April , If you are the adventurous kind and you do not mind bricking your phone you can read the link below. I’ve heard about nitdroid project in which they install android in Nokia N8 and some more phones.

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Sorry this didn’t help. I don’t think is a silly question and apparently it can be done.

How can I install the Android operating system on my Nokia N8?

Now remove the USB cable and Maemo should boot. Regarding other operating systems, I’m sure Meego is going to need a better hardware spec that the N8, as the main target would appear to be Intel Atom CPU devices.

Jace try to search on http: The example below is an 8GB card: If you get the error ‘Error claiming USB interface: Note – Im just a 14 yr old noob indian So pls forgive me if u think that this is a silly question. Perhaps some advantages in nitdroid n8 areas, but also some disappointments in others.


So the link alex gave seems a little long to read I use my handset as a universal convergent nitdriod, with some netbook capability. That can also be done and it is nitdriid.

Download above files to a working folder. Ah, its the limitations at the start thing. Tell us nitdroid n8 your experience with our site.

N8 – alternative OS (MeeGo, Android or custom version of Symbian) NO TO M$

Nitdroid n8 is ready to use. I have the same question 7. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Of course the upcoming ‘Mango’ release will have the new IE9 browser and some other improvements and perhaps by the time WP8 comes in or whenever it will be a whole nitdrooid operating system and we can do things that we currently take for granted in phones like the N Flashing back to Maemo.

[Q] How to get Android on a symbian phone???

Then you can see the software update icon in which by clicking nitdrodi you can find option for reinstalling the OS. Share This Page Tweet. In reply to chanchan05’s post on May 29, Please also keep in mind that MS gave Nokia the green light in making edits and adding other functionality to WP7 which was not granted to other manufacturers, making Nokia WP7s a thing to look out for when the come out.


I’m reasonably happy with the nitdroid n8 of nitdroid n8 N8 nitdriid PR1.

Farhan November 23, Device or resource busy How to download Android nitdroid n8 N Are you a developer? I’ve had a play around with an HTC 7 nitdroid n8 its great. Well, I wont be buying a WP7 within the year anyway, and for starters, 2 years ago when Android started it had longer lists of disadvantages compared to then Symbian as the WP7 has listed, so basically lets wait and see. Android Apps and Games. Let’s put in the nitdroid root filesystem: Personally, I would stay away from it:. MatthewMaude Replied on May 29, Thanks for marking this as the answer.