This option will not automatically set another partition active. Cheap More reviewed on June 17, The process of deleting a partition simply removes any reference of it from the MBR. I have nothing else to say or explain. The site also lists how you can troubleshoot MBR problems when you cannot boot into the operating system. The Active parameter is designed to set the bootable status on a primary partition.

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Views Mbrwiz Edit View history. How do I set a particular partition bootable? MBRWizard was designed to allow the user to reverse or repair these unwanted, destructive changes to the MBR, effectively enabling the computer to once again boot properly. Regardless of the problem you are trying to solve, MBRWizard is here to help. If not specified, Disk 0 mbrwiz be used by mbrwiz.

July 4, Changelog: Designed as a cross-platform application from the beginning, MBRWizard is noted as being very flexible as it can be implemented natively on most Mbrwiz operating systems [ citation mbrwiz ]. It’s available for users with the operating system Windows 95 and previous versions, and you can get it in English.

Are you having problems due to your MBR being corrupted by a virus or other malware? This could save hours of frustration trying to recover your files from damaged partitions. Rather than take credit for the work of others, let’s just point to the sites and let you follow their very good instructions.


No longer will you worry about misplacing your backup files, or stress about losing the USB drive or other mbrwiz on which they are stored. I dont want to lose the 2TB of data, any ideas. MBRWizard is designed as a command line only application for flexibility and automation of tasks, therefore, there is no graphical interface for this product.

Thanks for your willingness to test and share! MBRWizard is here to help.

How do I set a Partition as Bootable? By using this site, you agree to mbrwiz Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

64-bit Drive Utilities

Many features on the Mbrwuz Web site require Javascript. View disk and partition information for mbgwiz disks:: We would love to hear about them so tell us mbrwiz the comments. This option will list the available, bootable partitions, and allow the user to select one of them to set active. Sets the partition specified by in-active, therefore it will mbrwiz longer be bootable.

How can I see the contents of a backup file?

View information stored in a backed up MBR file: Is there anything which can permanantly repair my MBR please? This option can be used when it’s not possible to pass switches on the commandline.

Yume 3 years ago. So let me try this one please partition recovery wizard to mbrwiz the partitions that are on my hard drive and see if there are any recoverable boot drives mbrwiz me to get the downloadmanager program is used before this and mbrwiz found this software in google search and download for installing windows 7 on acer netbook.


MBRWizard – 64bit support

Can you afford to lose your picturesmusic and videosfinancial informationreportsand all of the other important files on your mbrwiz. The following describes how to restore the MBR from a previous backup. It looks like there is a new version available: The following will show the partitions on the disks, as well mbrwiz additional information about the disk: Originally developed in for internal use, it was continually updated and eventually released as freeware to mbrwiz public in March Saves the current MBR to filenamewhere filename is a drive: Additional functionality was added mbrwiz allow mbrwzi to be activated, hidden, and deleted.

What would happen if you weren’t able to access your documents and pictures due to a lost partition?