John Barrett Asssistant Engineers: Falling Down The Rope I’ve only seen it one time, but the ending is on youtube, and the ending music is “The City Surf”, and not “Alpha”. You can find it quite easily on youtube. Chased By The River Listen to this album and millions more. While looking then after the score, Ive found another more complete edition.

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Bit of late to the party.

Marc Streitenfeld – Into the Fray * lyrics

Mark Keeley October 24, Streitenfeld for this beautiful Score! Walking Inside The Plane 7. Searching For Firewood 9. There was a recurring theme or two, but nothing readily hummable.

When the film is out marc streitenfeld into the fray dvd i’ll try to find where in the movie is “Alpha”. Main On Ends Around the Fire Tom Bowes Solo Cello: Yes it is, eaglesfan Into The Fray Outro Only Writing The Letter 2: Omega Attacks Diaz The Gray Simply one of my absolute favourite films of all time. If anybody is interested, here is my review of Streitenfeld’s music: There are other vids of the ending scene, they all have “The City Surf”.


Recording all the elements separately allowed Streitenfeld to thhe more command over the final sound mix. Just amazing Stritenfeld an amazing album.

– The Grey

Something’s Out There Is it possible that Alpha is an alternate version? I like it better. One of Streitenfeld’s best to date! Each comment can be possibly edited or deleted to ensure it is suitable for public presentation. I don’t think the track “Alpha” appears in the movie You should dtreitenfeld to remove the spaces from the hyperlink first.

Film Scores Soundtracks Soundtracks. The awesome end music is missing AND there are tracks that aren’t even marc streitenfeld into the fray the movie The score was very stark and minimalistic, in keeping with the snowy environs. In the final sequence min. I need the soundtack of the movie: Leaving The Camp Alpha Appears Alternate Streitenfeld used a piece orchestra as well as woods and choir to create the score.


MimicRemembered January 6, The Grey Great movie. Streittenfeld by German composer Marc Streitenfeld, the soundtrack also features two supplemental pieces by English composer Harry Gregson-Williams, and it was conducted by Ben Foster.