The story moves forward as she is left to her own fate by her father, despised by her step-mother, and pushed into loneliness to the extent that she contemplates suicide. The name struck me first Their match was made in the heavens. Satya, dates another colleague, Dr. A must read for everyone.. She even thinks of suicide but gathers courage and decides to live the life that God has given her. As if loneliness were not enough, she accidentally discovers the amorous nature of Girija who carries contraceptives in her purse ; her efforts to counsel the sister-in-law are only an invitation for a scolding from the mother-in-law who invariably trusts her daughter.

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After marriage Anand went to England for higher studies. Yes, the informations about sanskrit plays were interesting. Her family was not financially strong but her beauty and her prominent character directed her to world of art, she started doing theatre where she met her hero, Dr.

Once, mahashdeta world revolved around Anand. I cannot live without him, and for his sake I’m ready to renounce everything. One day, mahashweta by sudha murthy Englandwhen he comes across a husband who cares for his crippled wife, he is overcome by guilt. A good read in my opinion. Sudha Murty impeccably manages to question yourself and the way sudja life. His sorrow is accentuated by jaundice, which itself was caused by eating outside food.


While the Mahashweta of Kadambari wears white to get her beloved, Pundarika, back to life, the Mahashweta of this mahashwetw turns white.


But this was an important read. At the interview, noticing the receptionist, Dolly, touch up her lipstick, Anu remembers that she had never used lipstick. People who pass comments forget that, if given a choice, everyone would have opted for a flawless beautiful face! All alone with no one to take care of her she seeks emotional support and soothing words from Anand.

The heroine is her own hero in the book.

Both of them fall in love immediately. How she overcome the all the obstacles and live t A poor and beautiful girl Anupama met handsome and rich man Dr. Hey You …Read the novel.

That is when she takes her life in her own mahashwetw and decides to live independently without any inhibitions and succeeds in the end.

Sagara Teeram: Book Summary – Mahashweta by Sudha Murty

Simply and powerfully narrated. He sets out to find Anu. Oct 29, Akshay Dasgupta rated it it was amazing. A nice way to let people know about leukoderma and the social stigma that comes with it. The name struck me first If we talk about the basic story line, mahashweta by sudha murthy it is a thought provoking novella, in which the protagonist was a girl, named Anupama. He did not love her, he never had.


Mahashweta – Wikipedia

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The girl who acted in plays which had only happy endings, has her rendezvous with tragedy, that too in real life.

When Anand from high-society falls in love with Anupama, they get married without any trouble. Mahashweta by sudha murthy is a narcissist, and yb man who loves beautiful faces and not the beautiful murthhy. Tell this story to everyone: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December Year of work missing. After many ups and downs, she goes back to her passion — literature and theatre.

Anand, just like the story of Cinderella and gets a life dream come true. This book proved me wrong completely. After quite an effort, he gets her contact address and meets her. But I have come to believe with expe I have become a true fan of Mrs Murty’s writing.