We just love to have fun! So, how does it feel? Drink To That All Night. So, until that album is in stores… Chris: I think Nashville will be back on its feet really soon. Chrous Here comes summer aint nothing hotter 3mons of nothing but women in the water rent a big pontoon fill up the cooler Here come the girls cute and getting cuter jump up in my jeep drive out to the lake day after every loving day after every Loving day after every loving day after day here comes summer. So, you do have to stop and appreciate what we have accomplished.

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But, what else do you have to tell the fans? The poor kid is scared to death! He has a pretty nice house, so when you look at the pictures and you go out and visit, you can really feel what happened to cowboyz.

The Fisk Jubilee Singers.

There are thousands and thousands of people who would give anything to be 57 on Billboard right now. The video is out on GAC; please vote for us at gactv. It has to kind of match what Preston and I want out of life, kind of the vibe we like. Something’s Gonna Get Us All. It feels good to know the end goal is perfectly in sight, and we can loczsh working toward that.


If you want to help somebody out, go to www.

LOCASH COWBOYS – “Here Comes Summer”

Every coeboys has got to be a single. Caught Up In The Country. We could hear another one. Has it taken longer than we wished? Do we go back to record and put this one on? You hide the numbers and then you turn it in to Chris and Preston, ok? I had fleas the whole week; it was horrible!

LoCash Cowboys – Here comes summer

We love you too, and thank you for all you do. Look at that mercury look at them beauty queens baking in the sun.

But, the community has really been amazing! Have you fan-tested a lot of songs? Are you guys a part of any hree the benefits yet? Olympic team basketball games, and secured television appearances ranging from Tanya Tucker’s reality show “Tuckerville” to “Pageant School: So, I think the voice of the fans is really resonating throughout the industry now.


But there are some other songwriters on there that we picked up, whose songs we fell in love with. When you collect all your merchandise money, you bring it to me.

I think last year we did the dog training event, where they jumped in the pool. Newer Post Older Post Home. I think we have eight out of the eleven. But, one thing he really taught us from day one was never overlook a sure-fire, big hit song.

I Love This Life. I mean, Jeffrey Steele, who writes hits after hits. So, we started a little thing called Fiddler on the Roof.

Here Comes Summer (Radio Single) by LoCash Cowboys – Pandora

He was a little nervous to be out there and wanted to get everything just right, especially that first week. I Wanna Be A Hillbilly. Becoming Miss America,” writing the theme songs for both.