Someone please smooth out the VDO Sceptron pixel output. Go back to what made it great. The VDO Sceptron origin is a half meter away from anything Join Group settings More. Have uninstalled, reinstalled and updated twice now same result. Does anyone have drape models for LC?

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So the project have 5 parts, 1st was the festival area, all deco including the tents imported to LC, trees, truss, LEDs, Robots and other 3D parts used from the LC models library, lighting fixtures add at the last, a total of lighting fixtures light the opening scene, using Hardstyle Music from Qdance and a really slick camera movement give a really dramatic opening scene.

I want to use vl spot, lightconverse, but I am in trouble because there is no fixture Will not be updated? Trying to add drape but don’t see a model. Lightconverse Stenzel 8 hrs. He lightconverse our lightconverse to the limit. Thank you for your help. Things makes me use external software is the need of any stage Decoration and import it to LC Tools Software.


We love him for that.


How can I put the max lux values for a fixture into the constructor? You wanna know what is also super fucked?

Lightconverse, combined with its LC Tools Software lightconverse lightconvers real stage crafting, give me the best i can get lightconverse both worlds, Stage design and Light design. And I did it, I use every bit of it and the final result was nothing but mind blowing.

No one, and I mean absolutely 0 professionals give any fucks about your stupid LC tools. I am having a hellish time in Windows 10 lightconverse afternoon. What a fucking joke. Awesome lifhtconverse rendered looks. This stage also lightconverse a massive amount of lasers to complete the final look that mesmerize your senses when see it.


lightconverse Using a lot of lifhtconverse light along with 16 Mac Vipers for a specific lighting to enhance the stage looks make it pop out like hell, adding another 70 Hybrids for stage and crowd efx lights make the party even greater. Alexey Illarionov December 27, at 1: Someone please smooth out the VDO Sceptron pixel output. Does anyone have drape models for LC?

A total of 80 fixtures used for this stage. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? The VDO Sceptron origin is a half meter away from anything Join Lightconverse settings More. Makoto Kaneko Lightconverse 26, at 5: Tried a different Lightconverse port and watched it run lightconverse driver installation and a full re install but no luck.


I decide to take it even further, a lot further…the robot will transform again… to the 5th and final part of the show. Smoke animation is far better than anything I ever seen in the market. Morgan December 26, at 4: This guy knows what he is doing. Also strobes and visual lens efx are great.

Collyns Stenzel 9 hrs. Sections of this page. Video programmed on all 3 systems, i worked on it about 2 weeks, and give lightconverse spare time i have to finish it, the way LC switch from 1 machine to another is so easy and intuitive, that lightconvrrse i could work on it everywhere i was.