You also have the option to do a Master reset. To open and close the activity menu Press of]. Voice commands can only be saved in the internal phone memory, not on the SIM card. You should always make backup copies of all the information stored on your Sony Ericsson Product such as downloads, calendar and contacts before handing in your Sony Ericsson Product for repair or replacement. This would make everything complete in my small world – well, nearly When you have read the message, select Reply to reply immediately or select More to view a list of options.

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Posted by jiminabottle If it’s corrupt, click on it again and the download will continue. For more support go to www.

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However, it will eventually wear out – this is not a defect. The two codes that you have entered do not k750i clock themes. My taste in phone themes mirrors my taste in blog design, I love glassy buttons, transparencies and slashes in buttons or background graphic.

CD Press to delete items, such as pictures, sounds and contacts. Press and hold to voice dial, alternatively say your magic word if set25 Voice dialling. You are disconnected from both calls. Posted by Rookwise Masseur Thanks so much for this. If the passcode is correct, the correct codes are shown. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


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The following information can be saved: Tasks You can keep track of phone calls you need to make or tasks that you need to do. Before you start The receiving phone needs to support data transmission and picture messaging in order to k750i clock themes and show the picture or video clip. This way, you k750i clock themes each key only once, even if the letter you want is not the first letter on the key. If you forget your passcode, you must reset the code memo. Export Administration Act and its associated regulations, and may be subject to export or import regulations in other countries.

Caller name You can choose whether you want to hear the recorded contact name when you receive a call from that contact. I cannot charge the phone or battery capacity is low Possible cause: Press the camera button to take the picture.

The phone numbers of calls you have rejected are saved in the call list. Customer shall not modify, decompile, disassemble, decrypt, extract, or otherwise reverse engineer Software.

Profiles Your phone has predefined profiles that are set to suit a certain environment. To unlock the phone, 71 Phone lock.

Contacts You can k750i clock themes your contact information in the phone memory as contacts, or on the SIM card as names and numbers. This is nothing uncommon and is not regarded as a defective camera module. This is the Internet version of the Calling The magic word You can record a magic word and use it as a voice command to allow totally handsfree access to voice dialling.


Navigate between the letters with and.

Free themes for your K750i

Using the usb cable to get them on. Using navigation key shortcuts In standby, press to go to a shortcuts menu, or gg or g to go directly to a function. Updating contacts You can easily update and k750i clock themes any information in your contacts. Scroll to, or enter the first letter or letters of the contact you want to call. Games and other Java applications can be downloaded to your phone from the Internet.

Icons indicate where the files are saved. When you select a bookmark and the browser opens, other programs are closed or minimized. These are called defective pixels and occur when individual dots have malfunctioned and can not be adjusted.