This will be the icon we use to start the software. I got the Zip version and extracted files to Folder in PgmFilesX86 and that one works perfectly, no problems at all Something funny with the Installer or something. I hope that this will help to Andreas and users of Win. Totally impressed and a fan , keep up the great work. Hello, I absolutely love your program and have had hours of fun with it. Blackrose on January 20, at 4:

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What is your environment, what did you try and whjat was the result etc. Leave a Comment Cancel reply You jwildfire be logged in to post a comment.

Save the file somewhere suitable on your system… this could be on your desktop or wherever you like.

It takes a few seconds to start, but jwildfire runs beautifully! Gil on November 22, at 9: I am sure the notes in the readme launch file make a lot of sense to developers but I am not a developer.

This will be the icon we use to start the jwildfire. As you know the path of your jvm, and you know the path of jwildfige jre folder, you have to type the following command line to move the jre folder to the jvm folder:. Jwildfire on August 4, at 2: You can visually create nearly any jwildfire using the software and render them at any quality in any resolution.


Hello Andreas, Just wanted to thank you for this amazing software and amazing Christmas version especially! Keep getting this when I hit start java. But the jwildfire you downloaded is the right one.

Tried the first jwildfirr again…got the screen saying it would install so thought. Awesome program, made even better with Layerz function.

After implementing a set of java functions that simulate almost the jwildfire of functions used in GLSL code for fragment shaders, I start to develop a set of Jwildfire variations using the implemented functions, so I have translated fragment shaders GLSL code to java, using examples found in shadertoy. Jwildfire jwildfird your JWildfire.

Installing Java and JWildfire

I even have jwildfire a flame in tribute of the author at http: What do I do next. Good software i download now: I just want an icon jwildfire double click and start the program.

Is it too small or too large? Only i have win 7 64bit. Return code was 1 — see below for jwildfre JWildfire downloads Available Downloads: Are you sure you want to continue?


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Did test it with a brand-new and clean PC without java or any other stuff, Windows 10, 64 Bit. I have same problem! Make friends to share files, jwildfire messages with.

Ich nutze das Programm sehr gern. I did not know the step to open bin. The function warns before overwriting files. Super stoked jwildfire use it.