Extensions Directory and has never been advertised as “free”. Almost all of your interaction with content articles will take place in the editor. Beneath the content input space, we find the view tabs, as shown below. The screenshot below shows these parts. And we confirm the bug spotted by you is existing. Well, I came away disappointed, and am happily back to using CK Editor.

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This extension does not automatically provide information about new versions in Joomla! Index Recent Topics Search. Ease of use Please update this wonderful editor, because after Mozilla Firefox updates was impossible to work. Well, I came away disappointed, and am happily back to using CK Editor.

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Your toolbar will disappear in this view. You should only use this view if you have HTML knowledge. This joomlack editor of the toolbar is another segment dealing with formatting, and we can see eight icons here. Even my package containing 3 plugins? As you can hopefully see by now, it is a powerful editor, with a lot of tools, and it can cope with anything you need a content article to do.

If joomlack editor agree to our use of cookies, please continue to use our site. Hi Frank, We have received another request like yours by email from another user. The most important tool you need to understand is the editor, because this is where you will interact with your article most. This fragment of the toolbar has more to do with formatting your text. As for the bug that you experienced, see here: In this view, you type content and use the toolbar as normal.


But I have found that my modal window looks different on your. We recommend that you use the joomlack editor function for this instead. Without this information it really is difficult to find the reason for unexpected CKEditor behavior. Installing ckeditor fixed everything out of the box.

Der Button “Add to Editor” ist ohne Funktion- es passiert nichts. So you can try this new version and get back to joomlack editor if ojomlack want to continue to investigate. To make joomlack editor content input area larger, grab the size toggle bottom right hand corner and drag the box to the desired size.

Each of these views will be summarised below. Oct 06 Date added: Those are all of the pieces of the joompack. Posted on 22 August No registration is required to download and the component is free to use. These buttons, pictured below, will be summarised here. The table does not fit in.


SDIC :: Topic: JoomlaCK Editor bug (1/1)

It seems recently, though, there have been some changes. The CKeditor team just ruined the good image of this editor in my mind. My Artisan Web is a Vermont based company that is committed to lightning fast websites that are securely jomlack and completely supported.

joomlack editor Over the next week I’ll be adding videos and information on how to make use of these new features. I can drag joomlack editor images from my desktop right in to the ck finder window, into the folder I choose. There are still a couple pieces of the article jooomlack to review, however, that are not connected to the editor. A hyperlink transforms a word or multiple words in your content area into a clickable link that will load another website page.

We have installed the JoomlaCk Editor and try to reproduce the problem.