Retrieved from ” https: Amidst a family of violinists, she chose a different path — to become a Vainika, a veena player. Usually in Carnatic Music instrumental concerts it is believed that percussion enhances the rhythmic melody. The story is woven into the structure of the concert and unfolds itself in layers thereby making it a very rich experience for audiences at different levels. Soon Jayanthi got an opportunity to receive guidance under the Veena Virtuoso Dr. Being a 6th generation musician, Jayanthi has music in her blood. Related Topics Music classical music.

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She is one of the privileged few to have performed with him on stage. Lalgudi Rajalakshmi first introduced her to music and she is also fortunate to have trained later under Veena Virtuoso Dr. Jayanthi has composed music for several dance productions and musicals.

Y ou perform in North India quite a lot, also in jugalbandis with Hindustani artists. Kumaresh and legendary table maestro Ustad Zakir Hussain. Kumaresh has 43 years of extraordinary concert experience. The rich tone of Veena is embellished by the gentle strokes on the Mridangam and earthy tones of the Ghatam.

Instrumentalists do compose their own compositions. Jayanthi kumaresh veena has collaborated and performed with several celebrated musicians including her husband violin maestro Shri. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When you are born in a musically aware family, you identify the raga, you hear compositions in the raga over a period of time and then you learn the composition. The music by this husband wife duo is a rich experience of tonal variations spontaneity and brilliance.


The trio women were guided by her jayanthi kumaresh veena uncle the Violin Legend Sri. She is the niece of legendary Violinist Sri. Rajalakshmi initiated her into music. In collaboration veeha the kumarehs department of many U. jwyanthi

Jayanthi Kumaresh | About Jayanthi Kumaresh – Jayanthi Kumaresh

She used to wake me up at 4 a. Indian Spice is a band founded by Jayanthi that draws a bridge between Classical and contemporary music. Soon Jayanthi got an opportunity to receive guidance under the Veena Virtuoso Dr. This article is closed for comments. The artist has played 7 different Veena tracks and this album is one of its kind. Embellishing her playing techniques and exploring the horizons of a raga were more on the lesson plan than learning new jayxnthi.

Kerala style is quite similar to the Thanjavur. It is a multi-dimensional reflection of the simple yet complex jayanthi kumaresh veena, expressed through a single instrument, the Veena.

You only have to activate the machine, and input some software. She was also one of the youngest artistes to receive the A top grading from the All Jayanthi kumaresh veena Radio. Usually, in the South you learn the composition kumwresh and then learn the raga, probably in my case as I heard so much music growing up, I would hear the raga and ask my Guru, for example, please teach me raga Ranjani.


A lot of things are already in you, in place. She started her research from the basic human skull the first ever resonator to be used by Man kumarwsh the way up to the modern digital veena.

I have learnt from her for more than 20 years, I went to live with her in Chennai when I was in the 8th standard. Retrieved from ” https: But in instrumental music, jayanthii there are no lyrics, one can, and does make compositions.

Made for each other

Amidst a family of violinists, she chose a different path — to become a Vainika, a veena player. No, not at all. Jayanthi is the founder of the Indian National Orchestra that features 21 jayanthi kumaresh veena musicians from all over India, in a first of its kind National Orchestra for Indian classical music. Living people Tamil musicians Saraswati oumaresh players.