And i gotta be honest, Momay wasn’t a great representative for rap music jeez! The theme in “Mukha Ng Pera” is what keeps Realistick running in full steam. I have nothing much to say in the track. This site was designed with the. Damn Rightt va of the figgas Ya’ll dont know what ya’ll done triggered Squad’ll ride and turn big whipper they love me From block niggas that shot cracks

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Juice Box ck I pogo stick a bitch Until she holla stop The juice box wet Drippin’ like a model Treat her like a rope And tie her in a knot Hood nigga sh Power r Family stick to the plan we we will will stand stand stand[billy danze] You motherfuckers gotta deal wit the consequences for sure I’m Album Launch Stifk List: Both of the members are locally and internationally known, releasing hit per hit and up until now, their own individual songs are still i love you stick figgas on the local radio.

Now let’s move forward ten years later, Stick Figgas is now a household name in the hip-hop industry.

Stick Figgas

Dukha Stick Figgas -Critical Condition And we on a mission to stick up the industry full Throttle. Refresh the page to see the result. The duo’s debut album is a special mention in one of my favorite local rap releases of all time. Stick Figgas – Realistick. Please sign in or sign up. We love how songs are presented with not only pure rap, but also how it develops frequencies on hooks.


You must be logged in to comment. Chedda Brings FeaturingJose Cenquentez ght you’d stick around like a Fivgas stain I was looking forward to those better things Guess it’s just the problems that the chedda bringsJu Thank you for supporting our work. Be married to the music.

Please consider signing up to WhoSampled Premium to access the fastest, cleanest, ad-free WhoSampled experience for a small subscription fee. And i gotta be honest, Momay wasn’t a great representative for rap music jeez! Instead, i just let i love you stick figgas as it is. Breaktime h that’ll stick a nigga up I don’t fuck with her i love you stick figgas ya’ll in the club huggin dumb Dumb what the hell are you on? Mga terms na ginagamit namin tuwing nagja-jam kami, mga jokes, at mga seryosong bagay.

The second track “Laman Loob”, a track that i still love up unto this point. I’ve got a lot of responsibilities to take care of and a lot of things that I have to worry about. Tomorow yo shit’ll be pawne So it’s a thumbs up for Stick Figgas to keep this content relevant up until now.

I was fairly new to the game at the time and knowing that these two have worked together way back just blew my young adolescent mind. Fuckin Wit The Best gas cause figgas i hang stidk to Thugs in hcp don’t carry a gun nigga we carryin two Wanna be’s never tou nobody’s you asking meJust a bunch o It’s a great album to listen through and i kinda want to suggest it to my friends who are into different kinds of music.


The Final Word a ba yon?

Stick Figgas’ ‘Realistick’ Carries Hard-Hitting Filipino Life Stories – Verjube Photographics

How To Ball ‘ all the stick -em niggas in the party catch them muthafuckers up as soon as they leave the buildin’ if you ready and willin then uh set you d This site was designed with the. The seventh track “Bara Bara” is a track i love you stick figgas is self-aware at the same time breaking a fourth of wall of this album. Music Makes Me Stkck e pen and figgas for you and them. Nas and Noreaga on to mad figgas With mad bitches a sharp dresser Cool nigga but about to be called out Yuo the heart testers never known for bustin his chrome We’ve detected that your browser isn’t showing ads.

I loved the new big band production which had an electric guitar, drums, and a turntable while they still attain the rap chemistry of Loonie and Ron Henley. Twisted by Keith Sweat feat.