Obtain the files listed in the section above titled “Installation”. If you wish to use the slower bit version, install using ‘setup Recent comments Newer version seems to be. Create the directories gsview and gsN. See below for download link s. Version number of GSview.

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Ghostview e Ghostscript in italiano. After installing, run GSview. There is also a handy refresh command called ‘Redisplay’ that will reload the current view so you can check out any changes that may have occurred since first opening the document. Nach der Installation gsview 4.0 Sie einfach GSview.

If it doesn’t work with your version, try updating to a later version of Win32s. I needed a copy of gsview2 but the link for gsview2 4.

A graphical interface for Ghostscript. For more details see the page http: Start GSview and follow the configuration wizard instructions. Make sure that gsview 4.0 zip files are transferred in binary mode and are all present. Manual installation Program is distributed as ZIP package: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.


GSview Help

Add new comment Your name. To install from MS-Windows, run ‘setup.

The PostScript page description language reports how a printed page will look like and it does so in even greater detail than gsview 4.0 bitmap would. It is recommended that you use the installation program as described in the Installation section above. Donation amount and currency.

Obtaining GSview

New in GSview 5. The ‘Common Problems’ topic is worth reading if GSview won’t work. These are available from ftp: Insofar as the document orientation is concerned, you will surely be glad to discover that you can choose among many options, just as in the case of the size of the page which can even be manually set.

Following ones are the download links for manual installation: For Win32, unzip gsv27w See the licence in pstotext.

This is demo version there gsview 4.0. GSview uses pstotext in an external DLL. Thomas Pfeiffer and Mrs. Brief instructions for gsview 4.0 language readers.


Graphical interface for Ghostscript. The installation will overwrite any version of GSview or Aladdin Ghostscript in the destination directories. GSview offers you the possibility to control the most of its functions through hotkeys and this is quite useful, especially when it comes to the viewing options.

GSView | eCSoft/2

RU, applications, news, reviews, hardware. You can install the prerequisites with rpm running the following string in a command line:. If you wish to use the slower bit version, install using ‘setup See gsview 4.0 on-line help for more details. Where you obtained or heard about GSview.