Huawei recommends that True is selected in the Enable field only for one test item in each test. From the toolbar Click the stop test icon on the toolbar. If the Explore the Exporting Destination Folder check box is selected, this indicates the target folder is open at the conclusion of the export Default. Window Menu The Window menu enables window arranging and window opening, as shown in Figure Set such test plans as calling test, FTP sending or loading, or concurrent service tests. Means a complementary description.

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Help Menu The Help menu provides the help information, as genex probe 2.3 in Figure Huawei recommends that the PS dialup not be conducted on the Modem of the outgoing UE when you conduct the voice call test. You can clear the Cell check box in the May Layers pane to remove the line. Otherwise, the old test plan is removed. Set such test plans as calling test, FTP sending or loading, or concurrent service tests.

Table Data items in the TopN pilot scan test Name Description Indicates whether or not to enable this test item after the test. The sampling frequency setting limits the inputs of useless redundant data to a large extent, which saves time and system resources. Playback the Log file created during the drive test or export the data.


The system searches a genex probe 2.3 and connects it to the COM port based on the hardware configuration of the project. If the data service is tested, the Modem Port needs to be configured, for the Probe conducts the dialup and observes the throughput on the application layer.

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Arrow To enter the gendx mode. Measure Time z True: The device list refreshes itself automatically. The CW Test window can be displayed in two modes: The call continues if it does not fail, drop, or hang up.

Function Description The Wait test is used to set the time interval between two test items.

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Data Configuration Figure shows the data items in the wait test. The Indoor Measurement window is displayed.

To start a playback. Figure Data items in voice call test Table probw the data items in the voice call test. Table lists the results during the co-activation. Call Type z Call by call: Log In Sign Up. For details, refer to part 9. Take the UE for an example.

Genex probe 2.3 free download social advice

The PSC of cells are also displayed in the Map window. Vocoder Rate bps z Can be set to,, Chooses the time when genex probe 2.3 signaling packet is generate in the UE as the time for log header, if the UE logs are available. Figure Adding Layer dialog box 2 Set the parameters such as device, layer type, and visibility in the Add Layer dialog box.


If the system gives a failure prompt, do as listed in Table Sets the value for user correction, which is used for the compensation of cable loss. If genx chart view is changed to the list view, all the information and settings in the chart view are lost. When the UE is in idle state, the first information must be about the cell where the UE resides. Figure Incompatible prompt z In the windows Event List, Information, Message, only the pribe of one tab can be displayed at a time, as shown genex probe 2.3 Figure The preset of test plan means that the Probe sets down the genex probe 2.3 plan for Preset of test plan test device.

To pause or continue playing To stop a play To change the play pfobe Note: The status of the devices in the Device Config is displayed by the light indicators, as shown in Figure