For those crying about no demos, contact the company and setup an online demo. So in this case – no sale without evaluation. We make Hundreds of custom designs a year with Matrix, and would not go with any other product. Matrix is helping to change an industry, just ask the Gemological Institute of America where it is being taught as of Never mind the lack of total control achieved only by using Rhino in a free environment. It is extremely confusing, in my opinion, and in the opinion of others that I have talked to.

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By far the best software in the business.

Matrix 6/ Rebranding on Behance

I can model in Rhino, and the seriously very advanced user can do everything version 3. After all these reviews about ‘no demo’ there is ‘still gemvision matrix 6.3 demo’. Shop online or find a Reseller. I’ve been a jeweler for thirty years and have been doing CAD for ten years. Like all the other excellent products Gemvision sells, the support is beyond compare. They are there to help you. They did all the work so I could just make jewelry and sell it.

This is no longer an issue about Rhino’s proprietary platform, as Rhinogold and Rhinojewel provide free 30 day gemvisioon with full consent of Rhino 3D. Williams Howard Williams Ltd. It is extremely confusing, in my opinion, and gemvksion the opinion of others that I have talked to.


Models that used to take hours with Rhino are now completed gemvisin minutes thanks to the great ‘Builders’ in Matrix. You’d sell 10 times as much if you’d price it for it’s value is, and put the product on the market like matrux else in the world.

Resources – Rhinoceros

If you want to use it multiple times in row this disadvantage becomes a huge annoying headache and gemvisuon slows down the working process. If you go gemvision matrix 6.3 a trade show you can take a test drive on Matrix at the Gem Vision Booth. They offer no demo, give no detailed prices.

E’ stata studiata l’esigenza del settore orafo nei minimi particolari. Almost all of the reviews here sounds like they were written by the company itself or someone been paid by the company gemvision matrix 6.3 write them no offense to anyone I said almost — this mean not all Everyone talks about how good their support is, what the hell are you talking about.

I’m naming my first born after Kent at Gemvisions Tech support. As with any CAD package there is a fair learning curve to master, however, the matrix software is designed by jewelers for jewelers.

Rhino- it’s all you need!!! At the time, the course covered rubber gemvision matrix 6.3, but no jewelry. Don’t knock it if you did not try it Go to a trade showstand gemvision matrix 6.3 the Matrix booth for a few hours and try it. Once you know your ways around Rhino and Grasshopper you’ll never consider ANY packages that actually, unless you know Rhino inside-out, weakens your skills by using several automatons built in, called builders etc.


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The software is carefully planned out and made to handle tasks that would otherwise require hundreds of button clicks – let alone knowledge. Never mind the lack of total control achieved only by using Rhino in a free environment. Go to a trade show gemviision arrange a presentation in your store.

So on, so on. I also tried two other software packages that had demos. Matric is very responsive to all of our ideas, suggestions and concerns. The gemvision team has created a user interface for Rhino that is easy to follow, intuitive, and logical.

If you want gemvision matrix 6.3 dive in and create jewelry it is definately worth the money. The immenent release of version 4. It is a fabulous product to get you designing in 3D. When done, you hit the ‘go’ button and watch as Rhino builds your part.