And would she be able to make the transition from TV journalism to literary authorship? Some of the quotes from the book which i found to be thought provoking: Jul 17, Lucy rated it it was ok. I could really relate to the struggles she faced with the culture that many Muslims mistake for Islam. This book is not just for Muslims either, after my raving about it I already have a non Muslim friend who has ordered it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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From MTV to Mecca: How Islam Inspired My Life

Go are so many ways to manifest your belief in God and to contribute to the society, and of course the best is to fully utilised your strength. However, at the height of her career, a chance encounter with cricketer Imran Khan took her to Pakistan and subsequently led her to convert to Islam. How meccca deal with friends and family. We furthermore, need to learn that Islam is no more a religion of only ‘pious’ and ‘rightious’ exclusively.

InBacker began dating former Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan. There are no conflicts at all, in fact real European values such as human rights, environmental consciousness, honesty, professionalism, religious freedom etc are also Islamic values.

‘From MTV to Makkah’: Kristiane Backer performs Hajj – The Siasat Daily

With abundant color photos. Though faced by many challenges, her strong faith gave her the inner peace she had always sought. A career which had seen her interview and socialise with many leading names from the world of music, still lacked that inner happiness.

From before embracing Islam leaving your old lifestyle, familyand after embracing Islam finding a partner who share the same faith with you, but at the same time understand your culture and background, which in Kristiane’s case is her being an European, from mtv to mecca kristiane backer Muslim women are indeed big challenges and for that I give my utmost respect to Kristiane for staying tough and solid in her beliefs despite all the shortcomings that came along her way.


Creatures are powerless to cause you injury or bring you benefit,in such matters they are mere instruments of the Lord of Truth-sheikh abdul qadir jilani ra P Btw, kenapa aku nggak kasih bintang 5? For her work as a television presenter, Backer was awarded a Goldene Kamera award in [9] and in and two Bravo Otto awards.

Seperti yang tertera di sinopsis, Imran bilang, “Di tanah airku, kamu pasti akan jatuh cinta kepadaku. Then I had the pleasure of meeting Ms Backer at a conference and decided to get her book while I was there.

Kristiane Backer – Wikipedia

Penasaran status perkawinan Kristiane Backer sekarang. In this private memoir Kristiane Backer tells the story of her conversion and explains how faith, despite the bafker challenges, at last gave her inner peace and from mtv to mecca kristiane backer meaning she had sought.

The lessons she learned along this journey of the love for the divine Creatorwhich is greater than that of the physical or emotional love she felt for some of the closest people she met along the kkristiane while climbing on the spiritual ladder, made it so drom for her to let go any physical or mundane affairs. I found myself so immersed to the spiritual journey of Ms.

Far from religion and spirituality, Kristiane Backer was in a world of her own – the entertainment, music and pop video industry, which in turn became a means to discovering herself.

Another feature common among the two is that they are extremely satisfying pastimes, a great form of escape from the reality of life. How Islam Inspired My Life Kristiane lead a fun filled social life as a TV presenter before exploring the principles of Islam.


It also shows that having a small piece of open-mindedness in experiencing and kistiane to know other peoples cultures can also have benefits. When you convert to another religion, there are many problems to be faced. I also thought that she was name-droppin again in later chapters, concerning Muslim technical terms. Thanks for telling us about the problem. How to encounter misunderstandings, or outright hostility.

Kristiane Backer

Few years ago I attended a seminar on comparative religion and we covered a topic on challenges that the reverts are facing before, during, and after embracing Islam fo, and Kristiane story had given me a clearer illustration on the subject matter. So many angels are said to be in arafat that if you threw a needle into the airyou would pierce one. It is a way of life that any one anywhere in the world no matter in which cercumstances they live and so on. Backer, her book is kind of a living example that lead me to find out the God within ourselves.

As one of rfom very first presenters on M Far from religion and spirituality, Kristiane Backer was in a world of her own – the entertainment, music and pop video industry, which in turn became a means to discovering herself.

Nov 11, Namal Siddiqui from mtv to mecca kristiane backer it it was amazing. Views Read Edit View history. He looks at what lies behind the clothes … He looks into your private sphere, not at your public show.