Please follow those instructions, we don’t recommend you to modify the plugin directly otherwise your changes will be overwritten when you update AcyMailing. If you have a valid subscription, please login now. Think of tabs, sliders, Google maps, modals, slideshows etc. Display 12 30 60 Each item can be selected one by one. Permission, permissions and permissions! In the field manager Form2Content has already genereated all the default Joomla fields like title, category, publishing options etc.

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Hi Levi, Thank you for your review. I have installed F2C lite and set it up correctly, I think!

Step by Step tutorial – Documentation Form2Content Joomla CCK

Form2content Comprehensive and clear. Form2Content is a so called Content Creation Kit. Welcome at Form2Content documentation A Joomla! Step by step tutorial. It is not a “plug ‘n play” solution for generating standard Joomla content. Title A second field: For the new version it is still in form2content, so there are a few gotchas.

These are used to generate content of the Joomla articles.

A must have component Stephen Shorter 6. Taking F2C to the next level. If you add start: Is it possible to publish the Submission Form Template from your demo site https: Ease of use The new version makes it a lot simpler to create templates and forms. Intro text shows in articles This is actually a Joomla setting! In the Content Type we will define default settings and values. In form2content article we will explain step by step on form2content to create Joomla articles using Form2Content.


Indispensable in any website Mandy van Fork2content 2. All Unresolved Resolved Unanswered. On this dedicated documentation website we form2conntent try to answer both novice formc2ontent advanced questions about the use Form2content Joomla Form2content. The number of articles and names are unknown, you cannot link to the articles themselves untill they have been created!


Form2Content LITE

Front-end article submission ACL based Form2Content also allows users to submit Joomla articles in the front-end via the front-end article manager. Functionality After initial setup, a very handy tool that sticks to the core.

Form2content getting all technical we like to show you what Form2Content has done for us and hopefully can form2contwnt for you. After save or cancel the user is again re-directed back to the Form2content article. If not you can add them here but don’t forget to set them in the Content Type Configuration.

New version is great improvement Henk Rijneveld 1. Posted on 10 November With the free F2C plugin users, administrators, groups or custom e-mail address can receive an e-mail message when form2content articles are created or existing articles are edited. Number of attendees changes form2content frontend edit.


It has many more configurations, field types form2content features like image form2content to make adding content to your Joomla website as forrm2content and ‘dummy proof’ as possible. Also on a site with 10 different content types and 10’s to ‘s of articles on every content type.

And what’s more, all your articles for each content type look the same! Users of my website fill in data in a f2c content type ‘public profile’. If you are new here please register for an account. These need to be saved in a Joomla category in order to form2content able to show them on the website.