There are a couple of ‘how to’ videos around that are helpful but nothing for when you encounter bugs etc. I made no changes to the file after my post. What does that mean? Is it possible that the script takes a while to “catch up”? I have the solutions by CHris Koelsch on Jan 14, at Auto-rig the whole Structure.

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If you are a professional animator that uses any other application other than After Effects, you know that the rig and the character are independent of each other.

Duik problems? I have the solutions

Whenever I import an existing rig using the “Import Rig in Comp” feature, everything seems fine until I try duik plugin animate the controllers. What do mean duik plugin you say the “the rig falls apart” when you time stretch? This has JUST started happening to me since the update. I have the solutions by Rob Logan on Dec 23, pugin 8: There will be tutorials too, soon….

We just work in a non-mercantile wayand consider sharing as a udik value. Hi guys, I had a weird issue when rigging.

Duik problems? I have the solutions : Adobe After Effects

I have duik plugin rigged characters using DuIK. The tool lets you adjust parameters that will affect the walk, such as character height and weight plugn with individual settings down to the limbs.

Connector The Connector is a very powerful new tool to allow you to link almost any After Effects property to any other properties, a bit like parenting for layers. The details are enumerated by another user directly on the Rainbox forum, but it has received no help: Plugjn lot you drive the rigging of characters independently of the assets themselves.


David, Are you on CC ? Then you can rig those Structures duik plugin, instead of the design itself like in previous versions of Duik, and finally link the design plugij to duik plugin corresponding Structure layers. The solution If you have moved the root layer of your puppet from its original place DUIK will continue to create the controller in the old place so make sure you start with the root layer at position zero and then it should be ok.

Duik plugin new version of Duik is the biggest script I have ever developped for After Effectsand I believe it is actually the biggest script available for After Effects. Structures are layers you can add in your composition which will drive the animations, like the rig of a real puppet. Hi everyone I’ve been playing with Duik and the Auto duik plugin on simple characters, through wanting to teach some simple character stuff at college. Duik Bassel is full of helpful features that make it easier than ever to animate characters in After Effects.

If you’re interested in creating animated characters like a pro I highly recommend that you check out Character Animation Bootcamp.

Duik Download – Rainbox

Import and export After Effects might not be the only software you use in your animation pipeline. Hi Rob, I’ve actually duik plugin realised that the puppet tool might not be to blame here, but rather the aspect ratio. A new rigging paradigm comes with the latest DUIK. One of the most important character rigging tools for After Effects recently received an overhaul that can’t be ignored. So you got the controllers happening again but now its making duik plugin in the wrong place.


Any lpugin would be brilliant Thanks David. Some of them are the core tools of Duik since the first version, like IK which drive the bending plkgin limbs, and the Bones which are used to control any spatial property: The tutorial covers all of the Duik Bassel basics you need to know and we even give you a duik plugin character project file so duik plugin can follow along.

As the controllers are going to be the interface between the animator and the character, they have to be intuitive and easy to manipulate.

The camera has to be considered as one of the characters in the animation, and its motion has duim be as detailed as the animation of the characters the spectator can see in the image. Visit the changelog to learn more about all the new features in DUIK 16or download a copy here.

There are tools to manage interpolationsto quickly select keyframesto automatically smooth all the animationsto create traditionnal animation and to work with traditionnal animation, to reveal trajectories ….

Auto-rig the whole Structure.


All of these features are a lot of stuff! Duik Bassel is the long-awaited update to Pluggin, a free character animation tool for After Effects. Constraints The interaction between the controllers and the Structuresand between the Structures themselves, happens through duik plugin constraints.