We guarantee your Android device will be protected throughout the rooting process. So was that a Q? The customization options on CM are just insane. Because I want to stick to only one rom which all features and also multiouch overclock underclock etc. Your phone will be able to do a million more things that will outdo even root requiring apps. Same as when I was rocking 0.

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So how did you get stop the repeated reboot? Like you say, you can only drnix either multitouch dronix for ideos u8150 not. Copy all the contents of the microSD card onto a folder on your PC eg. It works perfectly on earlier versions of dronix. A FEW cool things you can change on Cyanogenmod settings feature:. So I thought that would keep me off the nightlies for a while until today when I took a peek at the Dronix development site and saw that Dronix 0. The phone was finally mine, and doing what I wanted the way I wanted it.

Create a nandroid backup, then reboot. Nov 5, 30 0 25 Male student Kenya.

One Click Root

Wow, when I first got it, I was a little disappointed but now I feel like I really own it! If it helps, I also tried flashing Dronix 0. Reread instructions on following procedures. If you use the no-frills cpu app for overclocking you can avoid reboot looping as it has a built in safety mechanism that brings the clock frequency down to a safe Mhz in case the phone crashes.


And thanks to kalengi for making this blog. Do you have a fix for this? After installation DroniX 0.

[ROM] DroniX 0.6 The RUN – Huawei Ideos U8150

Trust stanly on Buddypress Extended Profile Im…. So one day this here guy passed by my blog and mentioned Dronix. The unlocker is even better. So, can you tell me where does the ultrajack recovery get installed? It seems CM forms the basis of quite a few roms. AppsPart and specify it as Primary. I used some version 4 of ClockworkMod u810 it worked without a glitch.

My phone has a partitioned SD; swap and ext2. Is there a Dronix Rom that has English? I hated the CM’s earlier version’s instabilities but liked very much the features so I was so bold as to try to restore the settings in Dronix!!

Gor just know 2 developers would be your starting point.

Its been a while since I last posted on this blog. It freaked me at first and my initial reaction was to reflash my phone silly me. The Theme Manager allows me to apply some really nice looking themes. Turn it off, iedos volume up and green key press power boots into new recovery menu.


How to ROM Dronix onto Huawei Ideos U | alex the african

A FEW cool things you can change on Cyanogenmod settings feature: Hi All, Good news! After that I used z4root to root my phone after which usb tethering stopped working and Dronix for ideos u8150 Tether gave the iddos error. I use alot of data via phone and it annoys me when my phone switches to GPRS while I’m surfing drohix downloading using my phone.

Great to hear DroniX 0. Just passing by and just want to share something.