But plz get them in sequence and update them too as this is only till 11th para. Most followers come from liberal, literate and modern backgrounds; and most are women. Liberal and secular outlets have criticized her for “not going far enough” in her progressive interpretation of Islam. According to Hashmi, both men and women have specific spheres of influence within the society. I have seen them. It helps if it is up to date so that distant listeners can listen to the whole quran before the end of Ramadan inshallah.

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Al-‘Imran – An-Nisa’ Sections of this page. Kanwal Kaisser on Facebook.

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Respond to listener comments on Listen Notes. SargodhaPunjabPakistan. Ta-Ha Translation Ta-Ha Al-Baqarah – Al-‘Imran Al-Kahf – Ta-Ha. She has gained popularity as a feminist scholar both in Pakistan and abroad, as evidenced by crowds of up to ten thousand that attend her religious lessons, called 2021. Some scholars believe she is breaking down gender barriers that exist in Islamic scholarship and leadership. The entire Islamic teaching is based upon Qur’an.


Talim Al-Qur’an Para-8 podcast

Fussilat – Al-Jathiya. Ta’meer Programme Al’ilm Nonprofit Organization.

Al-Kahf Translation Al-Kahf Views Read Edit View history. Developers constantly update and improve. Al-Ahqaf – Az-Zariyat Opening the iTunes Store. But plz get them in sequence and hasnmi them too as this is only till 11th para. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Al-‘An’am Translation Al-‘An’am I have seen them. New features frequently added. Az-Zumar – Fussilat Use API to fetch this podcast.

Al-Baqarah Translation Al-Baqarah 0: She continued to give lectures on exegesis of the Quran on Geo in cr show Fahm ul Quran.

Fahm al Qur’an 2012 Parah 5 part 1 by Dr. Farhat Hashmi.flv

This, and her other arguments which call for women to work outside the roles that have been designated to them by rigid traditionalist scholars, have drawn considerable ire from conservative, right wing scholars.

Fwrhat on the Edge: Maryam Translation Maryam She doesnt appear on TV programs nor are her videos on you tube, yet her students are in thousands. Podcast smart and easy with the app that refuses to compromise. Yafseer Hashmi By Dr.