Aggressively purges multiple drawings, more rigorous than built-in purge. This dialog allows you to page through hundreds of symbols to find the desired one quickly. Results update automatically as the document changes. Autodesk has recently announced that VBA will be discontinued in a future version ? Attributes in a selection of inserts. Exports selected linetype definitions in drawing to.

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DotSoft Celebrates 30 Years []. First we added backward compatibility with older versions of Excel back to and tiolpac abilility to create older drawing files format. Each process has it’s own detailed setting panel. We look forward to the future to expand on our accomplishments using the experience we’ve gained. Processes the layer states of multiple drawings, executing dotsoft toolpac supplied commands to import, export, rename, etc.

Manages sets of plot files and spools files to designated ports. Create a new table using built-in spreadsheet entry.

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For example you could set properties, variables, then purge as the final process. Includes AIA layer standards file. Dialog based Alias Editor. Make changes to the EXIF extended information properties of an image tooolpac. Through the optional use of multiple symbol databases, our Symbol Manager allows the database to become the group, and the normal groups become tooplac.


Automatically moves multiple logical sheets in named views old single paperspace to separate layout sheets. Users of older versions, please contact us for upgrade information. Quickly regenerates only objects visible on screen, those selected, or a chosen layer. This includes minor revisions to products, tool;ac tools, productivity tips and more.

Report slope area, control edge display, draw normals, set direction and subdivide dotsoft toolpac 3dFaces into smaller units for smoothing. dotsoft toolpac

Quickly populate drawing properties or perform mass edits on basic objects. A single floating palette for fast placement of multiple notes. A lookup table copied from a spreadsheet can be used to supply unique values dotsoft toolpac each drawing! Also provides a complete editor to create new notes or edit existing notes stored in standard RTF files.

Joins multiple secondary tables to the bottom of a primary. It’s so independent and versatile that provided you have the licenses it dotsoft toolpac actually be copied to other machines. Convert arcs to multi-chord approximations in a selections set using distance along or middle ordinate options. Draw multiple offsets, offset objects to current, picked, or dialog selected layer, offset selected object in both directions, or offsets Ellipses with a mathematical ellipse.


dotsoft toolpac DotSoft Welcomes You Thank you for visiting our web site. Keyboard command oriented tool, useful for house perimeters, etc. Rounds the corners of a selection set of 3dPolylines with radius and number of divisions options.

Displays a thumbnail of linked images in a resizable preview window as you move the crosshair over objects such as polyline house outlines. Also corrects problems that can affect normal drawing open.

Dotsoft toolpac 14

If the picked end is curved, the proper tangent is used as if you were still in the polyline command with the arc mode on. Breaks dimensions at a designated pickpoint dohsoft two smaller ones. Generate a graphic legend showing all hatch patterns defined in selected files. Order information for each layour dotsoft toolpac stored in the drawing and automatically restored. Draw multiple independent hatchs.

We also added the ability to ‘Color By Layer’ all objects fills, lines, and text so that the colors can be controlled by changing the color assigned to the layers.