Jason Hamje 21 2. Submit a new text post. Ursa is a great counter to Bloodseeker. Email Required, but never shown. So I am left here thinking

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Lucas Leblanc 1, 1 8 But I was never really a jugg troll or sniper spammer. Axe with Blade mail.

That’s a gigantic swing in Ursa’s favor. Just a thing I noticed. Good examples are Clinkz or Dota 6.84c. Wraith King with Blade Mail. Will read this again later and accept if I don’t have dota 6.84c more questions, seems pretty good so far, thanks in advance. I can’t even remember the last time I won against him. Assuming that someone on your team can play him properly, then Tinker is probably also a good pick against him.

Easy answer to this question is Omniknightalthough that still does not counter his ultimate’s damage. Therefore you can consider BS as not having a silence any more, which means that he is not quite as good against caster-type heroes as he used to be, as long as they have some way to disable him.

The longer you can ensure dlta everyone has health above his Dota 6.84c threshold, the longer you also ensure that Bloodseeker has one skill slot that is doing literally nothing. Lost MMR, and only now I’m slowly gaining back 6.84x gained again. In the current patch 6. Heroes that are good at healing can also help with this, obviously.


Split-pushing is an excellent counter to gank teams as long as the split-pusher does not get ganked themselves, and Tinker is great at pushing while avoiding ganks — the laser blind also helps against BS, as well as his incredibly fast farming ability, dota 6.84c leads into him buying a sheepstick.

You still have to worry about Blood Rite, but obviously it isn’t as reliable as his old silence.

Dota c – Warcraft 3 Maps – Epic

I would consider that one a dota 6.84c. Make sure your team has a Mek and make sure that it is being used before anyone breaches Thirst’s health threshold in fights. I would try to use your slow as soon dota 6.84c players are committed because BS will be gaining movement speed very quickly as people start getting low HP. Always have wards up on the map. Is there anything I can do in lane against him? Can you think of a way how I can play differently, so that he doesn’t kill everybody on my team?

Dodekeract 1 9. NOTE – I am always trying to improve so I am not one of those players that think they belong on a higher tier like 5k. These are the same things you should do against any gank-heavy strategy. Dota 6.84c a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Another thing to consider about BS jungling is that it makes at least one of the other lanes on the enemy side weaker.


Twisted Logic’s guide to Techies [6.84c]

Most 6.884c can easily outcarry him. Coincidentally, me and a friend of mine think that 4-protect-1 will make a comeback dota 6.84c this meta. Is there any other item I should get against him? Then you can follow up with auto attacks. Because everything I tried doesn’t work against him I eota consider the match to be “just another lost bloodseeker match” as soon as an enemy picks him. Concern yourself with avoiding the Blood Rite before you do anything else — being silenced will make you useless in the fight after dota 6.84c.

Is there anything I could do to feel like I have a chance to win against him?