Please choose a different map. While u die sometimes u cant revive!! Dota AI Map , feed. Anonymous January 21, at 8: Luxe Coach Purses June 5, at 6: Anonymous December 19, at 8:

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Anonymous June 12, at 5: This build is designed for soaking tremendous amount of damage. This AI map, for example, you idiot?! Loved dota 6.77 ai plus new AIs. I have too insipid and tedious, but that’s my personality. Anonymous December 22, at 3: I hope this fix the latest error from 6.

Anonymous January 3, at 9: Anonymous Plhs 19, at 8: Bristleback’s first skill not working on enemy heroes.

DotA c AI vc Map Download [Updated] | Dota-Utilities

Nevermore ulti does 0dmg, zeus the same, i think u now about invoker no comment There is a Bug in Malragor Felguardwhen you use its dota 6.77 ai plus felguard wrath, it keeps repeating and repeating! Is that new bug? Tatoo February 6, at It’s hard to change www.


Requirements to play DotA 6. Anonymous August 5, at 4: Anonymous January 20, at 2: Anonymous March 10, at 4: Anonymous December 17, at 8: Very frustrating to have your skills disappear during a game, makes the entire experience a waste of time. Anonymous January 14, at 6: Anonymous March 30, at 3: Anonymous October 17, at 1: What’s the last version of the AI map which doesn’t have this bug?

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Dota 6.88 Ai Map Download

I dont experience bugs its fine with me. Get Aii via Email! Anonymous March 2, at 3: Anonymous February 25, at 1: Dota 6.77 ai plus would like the “fun” mapmakers to add the characters from the family guy, american dad, the simpsons, futurama, and bob’s burger Anonymous January 3, at 7: Invoker’s tornado dosn’t stoped, open wounds stays untill death Lion stun damage only Aleria shuckle shot not working if AI’s hp lower than half.