Similarly, the pakhavaj is performed in the style of a South Indian tavil barrel drum, and the sound of the double-reed shehnai is closer to that of its Southern equivalent, the nagaswaram. The melody conforms to the pitches of Mixolydian mode , or its Indian equivalent, the Khamaj thaat. Views Read Edit View history. Like Always Original Mix. Indian music , raga rock.

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DJ Anthem Keresiya feat. Maroon 5 vs Da Capo Sugar vs.

Riri Mestica

In the original poem, innerliight verse says “Without going out of my door, I can know the ways of heaven. The Solo Beatles Compendium. The Love There That’s Sleeping: Breakin’ Time Original Mix. C4 Pedro African Beauty feat. Morning Light Original Mix. Castleman, Harry; Podrazik, Walter J.

The Meaning – Innerlight Feat. Danny Claire | Shazam

A Spiritual Biography of George Harrison. Classic Man Vs No Kola. DJ Edu – Destination Africa. The Dawn of Indian Music in the West.


According to Peter Lavezzoli [] and Kenneth Womack: The Beatles as Musicians: The Art and Spirituality of George Harrison. Moelogo Do You Love Me. Close My Eyes feat.

The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions: The Awakening Extended Mix.

DJ Crashmaster – Inner light

Home Episodes Profile Contact. Edu has a megamix celebrating theCongo’s independence and contribution to African music!

Retrieved 20 February The song appeared partway through the concert’s opening, Indian music segment, [] which was performed by Shankar and otherwise composed by her father, Ravi Shankar, [] [] who had continued to be Harrison’s friend and mentor until his death.

Wizkid Ojuelegba Remix feat. Harrison, George []. In The Dark Extended Mix. It is the only Beatles studio recording to be made outside Europe and introduced Indian instruments such as sarodshehnai and pakhavaj to the band’s sound.

Gabba Nation is a Berlin-based DJ team that has been existing since and also been releasing own productions of the Gabba genre since After dj innerlight fade away You Without You”, “The Inner Light” was the second composition to fully reflect Harrison’s immersion in Eastern spiritual concepts, particularly meditation, [17] [18] an interest that had spread to his Beatles bandmates [19] [20] and to the group’s audience and peers.


The Inner Light (song) – Wikipedia

The Art of the Collabo. Then they toured through various Berlin clubs and performed also at events in Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Dresden, Chemnitz and other cities.

Similar programmes By genre: Revolver Through the Anthology. Views Read Edit View history.