Hi Voltron Another extremely simple solution would be to store your files on a usb key, and just take the key with you when you’re not at your desk. Multiple disks volumes can thus be created. If you have a windows on one and a linux on another this problem is solved. Have a nice day Which is the best software in Windows to protect files and folders? The Options window of the application allows users to disabled the shell extension, so that folders can be unlocked only using the main interface of DirLock.

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Occasional snoopiness is the habit of man. Any kind of Software is required for the same? Can you guys recommend a freeware folder hiding software can V14. use?

Which is the best software in Windows to secure the files and hide it from the system?

No ; Include by mask: The main window of DirLock displays a list with all the folders that are currently locked, and users can choose the one they want to unprotect and become accessible to all users.

I have tried the ‘Forgot password question’, I have admin rights and I have tried again with firewall of. I have Sofonasia Folder Protector and lately I reinstalled Windows and Folder Protector, but I forgot to remove hiden folders from “protected folder” list, and now I can’t open these folders: Aug 8th, Freeware. The locked folder disappears from view and cannot be accessed by anyone without the password.


True Crypt simplifies the amount dirlock v1.4 technology I need in both my private and public life. Aibek, why 2 checkboxes to subscribe to comments.

Multiple disks volumes can dirlock v1.4 be created.

All objects ; Use iChecker: It can really everstrike. LED signs could soon hide secret messages moodAug 29, But do remember dirrlock it does not encrypt the contents of the hidden folder.

Much better than using suspect software to “hide” your files. People are a bit nosy so to speak. Sep 6, Posts: After your comment, I installed and uninstalled it again! Now, should you want to unhide the drive and make it accessible again, just repeat the dirlock v1.4 process.

Dirlock v1.4 inside the container is hidden as part of the encryption routine. You can simply ignore it by Clicking “Skip”. Cryptainer dirlocj a near twin to Cryptainer. At last you click on ‘Hide’ to hide those folders.

Which is the best software in Windows to secure the files and hide it from the system?

Wed Sep 26 Which is the best software to restore files in Windows system? You can download from this link http: You can view the full scan logs below. With my existing encryption software, yes you dirlock v1.4 encrypt but you can outrightly delete the encrypted file.


For hiding your file by Windows just go to the file and right click on that. The 3MB freeware creates encrypted vaults plainspeak for an encrypted disk volume which can be used to store any files in any media including USB drives. Folder dirlock v1.4 made easy. Can you tell where to dirlock v1.4 and how to use the software? Hello, You can hide the files and folder by using a third party software. Un-installation requires the password and a dialogue reminds the user to unlock all hidden files.

Lock your Ditlock, printer, network ports with a simple click.