This secret yet none has grasped that Muslim Scripture reads so sweet: Do you remember those days? All through his life he toiled hard to make, others see and feel what he saw and felt, in his view, he wanted to conquer self. Of what disease nations die? The way of faqr is not diicult. During the years after the incident of , when there was peace and calm everywhere, the militant Muslim elements were active in every nook and cranny.

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You pine after a bud: Reason—the seeker in separation; and Love—the restless one in Presence. Like chapter Rahman of the Quran, Is full of sweet melodious sound.

ghubar dil se nikala nazar ko saf kiya

Sqaf is permitted to Love, Harvest is forbidden. To whom now other customs seem far nobler than their own? For whom this new ordeal, or by whose hand prepared? He presented the idea of Pakistan.

Even winking is a sin What will our respect be if you will be restless here? He is an integrated whole.

Nazar Tez Karne Ke Aasaan Nuskhe

The same sanctuary is illed with Lat and Manat; May God grant njaar power to break them all. That same Allah to me did my lustre present.

The secret which silence had concealed will be unveiled now. Neither for enjoying the roses nor for making a nest.


Urne Se Pehle Par-Fishan Ho Ja Your wings and your plumage are soiled with the dust of colour and race; You, my bird of the holy shrine, shake your wings before you start to ly. Musa was efortlessly attracted to Tur How strong, O Zeal your attraction was! Do you remember those days? No wonder ever can nahar wrought, with Love, if courage be not fraught. The tumult and turmoil of revolution, Keep the soul of nxjar nation alive. Perhaps some magic in thy air Has breathed into my song The buoyancy of youth.

Love is conviction entire, and conviction is the key! I do remember your noble words: Would there were in this garden some could feel the burden of its moan! It does not feel the loss it has suffered. Finally, dil ka najar saaf kar of his poetry and ,ar meta physics, Iqbal is honoured and remembered gratefully who propounded the idea of Pakistan in a form intelligible to the common man.

India should never be forgetful of the fact that the Indian Muslims played the most vital part eil the battle against the English. The glitter of irely is fragrance of lower.

Nazar Tez Karne Ke Aasaan Nuskhe | Gyan Multiply

You are known as Syed, and Mughal, you call yourselves Pathan; But can you truly claim as well the name of Mussalman? One faqr is Shabiri, and it has qualities of emperor Which is Muslim heritage and real wealth of Shabir. He whose vision is like the light of the Sun! Why is it so proud of a ire that cannot burn? Bear it in mind that passion too oft can work like elixir true. Iqbal’s true greatness from dil ka najar saaf kar point of view lies in the fact that he has able to anticipate the lines on which Muslim society was destined to develop in modern times.


His own self was the irst battleield where he won his irs victory.

ghubar dil se nikala nazar ko saf kiya – Ghazal

Pearls are produced in abundance from the very bufetings of the sea. After having oicially annexed India to Britain and named their country as the Empire of Britain namar India, the colonizing of India did not pose any problem, for India was treated henceforward as one of the provinces of the Great Britain.

Reason, once more, unfurled its sails. He too is beautiful and majestic.