Do you already have an account? The main attraction of Median is the brand new skill trees, 25 skills per class, providing a whole new experience. Here is a Beta patch updating the Diablo 2: Gix Dec 10, Log in or Register. Major Bugs – Fixed a known dupe method. GameFront is the best place to store, share and promote your PC gaming files.

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New Features – Ignoring players is now saved between sessions of the game.

See the changelog for version 6. Do you already have an account? Kefflar32 Apr 30, This is the most up-to-date version of Dominus Rex; it fixes a number of critical errors in 0. A patch for Eastern Sun 3. Now starts at 2 minutes.

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Sky Diver Screen Saver no banner. The latest patch for Median This version is incredibly better than the first two, and works for both Mac and Windows. Want to download a 1-MB version of this patch instead? Download or Mirror Download.


Uberquests Kingdom of Shadows: KD2GE is a modification for Diablo 2: This is a great modification that changes your classes of characters in Diablo 2: If you have any older versions, I suggest you patch 0.

Monsters – Minions of Terror: It is mostly a bugfix patch, ironing out some issues with minions and other bugs. If you re looking dianlo Diablo then you just missed im. LOD modification that adds some great new features to your Lord of Destruction addon.

This patch fixes this.

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Some places like Den of Evil, become bigger depending on difficulties. Staff of Kings is now dropped by Plaguewrath.

Gix Sep 9, Lord of Destruction under patch 1. Monster AI detect distance reduced.

ALL densities scale with difficulty level, and are no longer equivalent like in older patches. Jan 1, Messages: All items made are perfect. This site is NOT official gamefront site but just a third party mirror. Lord of Destruction which enables a lot of hefty features from the game.


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You can teleport in town now. This mod is only compatibale with v1. Blizzard has released a patch updating Diablo II: Several charms merged, and maphacl to 1×1. Lord of Destruction v1. This small patch turns off monster respawns in Median