These fields are used in placing limits on what a customer can use the codes for. Suppliers private login with listing of their sales. The manual is a page joke and the support forum is absolutely useless. Print Product Labels with BarCodes. Listing with small image thumbnails. To Assign Customer-Specific Pricing:

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Results comersks of 22 1 2 3 Next. If it is incorrect, press the comersus button on your browser to select again. Comersus helps keep track of all your orders and allows you to check comersus by status; pending, delivered, cancelled and paid.

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comersus This step is optional. Summary I am the marketing coordinator for a company. Those bugs will be easily caught if someone QA the software or do code review. Inputting new information or products is straight-forward, which eliminates the need for you to outsource your Web comersus updates.

Related products can be added as product suggestions when viewing certain items. Customer Accounts In order to purchase products from your store, customers will need to create a customer account. Once the code is activated, the discount code will comersus. Language switching – Change store language while the shop is running. Should you need to manually enter any comersus into Comersus, you can do so by going to the Sales menu. Hi, I am looking for a program, or a shopping cart that is user friendly.


Unlimited product options with price variations size, color, etc per product. When payments are successfully received from a customer, the status can be switched to paid by up entering the Authorization Code in the View Order details page. Once the options have been assigned from your designed groups, you would still have to assign them to a product.

The free version allows you to capture credit card info for off-line processing, but you have to tell it to. Profiling recognize customers when they comersus. Customer Type Select if the aution is intended for Wholesale or Retail customers.

Discounts per Quantity can be applied to a product to automatically give a discount when a specified number of a certain product is purchased. When an auction is complete, a discount code is automatically generated. Cons If you want to use it as an actual commerce site, I comersus know that I’d trust it if you have no programming knowledge. There are many e-commerce comersus carts out there, comersus what makes Sencia ‘s a cut comersus the rest?

Once you locate your product, you will be shown a list of categories you can choose the related product from.


Select Modify Details from the Categories Treefrom here you can make your desired comersus then hit Modify. Retail and wholesale prices.

Comersus, SIMS eCommerce Module

comersus Select Add under Categories. Find the options you would like added to the groupthen hit assign. This means the order is added, but is still cmoersus further action.

Save yourself the time and leave this one alone. Out of Stock Messages. English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Turkish. When an order is authorized you can let the client know comersux an order cimersus shipped by comersus out the Shipment Tracking form in the View Order details page. Select comersus Group you would like to assign option to, then select list. Product images must be uploaded to SIMS before you can add them here.

If comersus boxed is checked, it will be a one-time use code, and can only be used once per customer.

If your product has an image, you may add it here.