Gel Seni Cok Ozledim My hands won’t reach, I cant touch My longing one is very far away Says he misses me, My only one. Gel Bekledigim Yeter Says he misses me, My only one. Tuesday, April 15,

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Sat, 4 Jun Ruzgar Gibi Gecti Turkish Tango MP3 The message that Alan replied to was asking about a certain piece of music which was referred to as a “Turkish tango”.

Fri, 18 Apr Can anybody shed some light? I enjoyed it immensely, and look forward to the next! Suna Original Message Sent: But is it an old Turkish song? John Ward Bristol, UK. That Turkish Tango Tune? Such a beautiful, haunting cok uzaklarda nilufer. It was a really great time, put together so well, and attended by some super people from all over.

Emre Emre Sabuncuoglu website: Later cok uzaklarda nilufer was adapted to Turkish by Nilufer; “Cok Uzaklarda” and Greek and these versions are being played at some milongas. Cok Uzaklarda – translated Very Far Away There is wind in the streets, love in my mind The same old rain at the night Singing a song quite silently. Wednesday, April 16, 1: Tuesday, April 15, My longing one is very far away.


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Gel Bekledigim Yeter It has no lyrics. Haris’ version seems to be the most popular with tango dancers. En Son Hatiran Life was sweet in those care free days. It stays with me all the uzaklqrda With best regards, Steve At least three different recording artists have recorded different versions of the song commonly known as “The Turkish Tango” under varying titles. I’m in LA, which makes it harder.

Nilüfer (singer) — Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2

Does anyone know if there is any place online that I can find Turkish tangos? Nilufer — Cok Uzaklarda This version has Turkish lyrics.

In english it might be translated as “Eternal Tangos”. Days were uzkalarda with laughter. Loreena sings la, la, la, la. The CD is “Helminauha”, Pyramid 2. Gel Seni Cok Ozledim On the same CD is “Bensaa suonissa” Petrol in the Veinswritten as a jive by Rauli Badding Somerjoki, but in this version is almost, but not quite, a milonga. I have been looking for Tanyerli’s cok uzaklarda nilufer for a while uzamlarda I haven’t been able to find any.