Old Church Slavonic Gla. Old Bulgarian Cyrillic — 2 fonts: Commercial package sold by Linguists Software. The “Menaion” fonts and a newer Unicode version of this font, “Menaion Medieval”, are also available from Repertorium Fonts. A small sampler is shown here: See also Glagolitsa Obla and Glagolitsa Uglata above. They can be downloaded from HERE.

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See also the Cirilicni fontovi za word fonts below. Above are 60 different types of cyrillic fonts for you to use. This is certainly one of the best Glagolitic fonts ever produced, and is available from croatianhistory. The Round script font is entitled “Kiril”, and the Square script font is entitled “Glagol”. Vrbnik Missal style angular glagolitic,created by Natalija Nikpalj Polondak this nice font will be further improved.

The fonts Glagolitsa Oblata and Glagolitsa Uglata are old Croation Glagolitic fonts stare hrvatske oblike slova [fontove], glagoljicu.

You must click on the name of it so it is selected usually, so it is highlighted in blue. Once the font is installed and you can use it, you can fohtovi to your desktop and delete the font. A small sampler is shown here: Hermes Soft sells 2 font packages which are rather expensive:. A rustic decorative font which is well suited for titling.


They can be downloaded from HERE. Monotype Imaging offers 3 fonts for sale:. Fonts are different styles of letters for your computer. A pair of pixelated fonts, which can be aord from the designer’s web site: However, before you can use any of these cyrillic fonts, you must download and install these fonts to your computer.

Fonts that support the language ‘Serbian (Latin)’ » Font Squirrel

The “Menaion” fonts and a newer Unicode version of this font, “Menaion Medieval”, are also available from Repertorium Fonts. Antique Regular and Antique Bold cirilicni fontovi za word with characters per zaa. Croatian Glagolitic font of angular type, created in by Filip Cvitic improved version since Feb This font has almost no distribution, and I cannot locate a current source for this font.

A small window will open. A package of 7 fonts Copyright c by Zoran Kostic. These are all pre-Unicode and have older legacy encodings. Created by Zox e-mail: I cannot locate a current source for this font.


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It is unclear zx one purchases these fonts, but sending an e-mail of enquiry is a good start. This cursive Glagolitic font is named and attributed differently, and I cannot ascertain which information is correct. Sebastian Kempgen fonts commercial: A pair of fonts: Hilandarski Ustav 6 supercedes earlier versions.

Privlacka parokijanska glagoljska kurziva – Croatian Glagolitic quickscript font from the region of Zadar, Privlackap1.

Cyrillic Fonts

Old Bulgarian Fontogi — 2 fonts: Oddly, the web site states: A pair of matched fonts available for download from croatianhistory. Commercial font sold by Linguists Software. It still needs some improvements for users of Word.