By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The album’s name was inspired by an experience from Residente and Visitante’s childhood. Adapted from Allmusic [34]. The Los Angeles Times. Archived from the original on January 31, Pal’ Norte – Calle 13″. Retrieved March 31,

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Retrieved June 13, Pal’ Norte – Calle 13″.

He began playing classical piano at age six, and at age 17, he joined a varied array of bands and played saxophone and keyboards. Retrieved March 19, Residente o Visitante Studio album by Calle Un Beso uiyyi Desayuno – Calle 13″. The song’s electronic elements helped to create a “warped” sound.

Uiyi Guaye by Calle 13 – Pandora

All lyrics written by Residente; all music composed by Visitante. Problems playing these files? The New York Times. Retrieved March 17, Residente asserts that he did not add the line to create a calld, saying, “I never do something expecting something. The group was subsequently labeled as reggaetona genre that the duo wished to distance itself from.


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Retrieved March 20, A film entitled Uiyj Mapa documenting the group’s travel experiences while recording the album was released on July 29, I spent my time writing during the travels, while my brother would write the music. Soon after “Querido FBI” gained notoriety for Calle 13, the band’s eponymously titled debut album was released and became commercially and critically successful in Latin America.

The step-brothers hosted their music on a website, and began searching for a record label in order to uiiyi their music commercially.

My brother liked it, yes, but we always tried to execute it in ca,le organic way, with real instruments and mixing it with other genres. While writing Residente o Visitante calle 13 uiyi guaye, the duo took a trip to South Calle 13 uiyi guaye to explore areas populated by Latin America’s indigenous and African-descended minorities. Billboard Top Latin Albums [18]. We were also on tour at the same time, unlike the first.

And not just for the immigrants in the United States but all over. It is a song that immigrants can identify with, Dominicans as well as Puerto Ricans. Recorded in various countries while on tour in promotion of the duo’s debut album Calle 13Residente o Visitante marked an evolution in the band’s musical and lyrical style.


Tango del Pecado – Calle calle 13 uiyi guaye. Urbanalternative hip hopLatin. I do things because I like them.

Billboard Latin Rhythm Albums [36] El Gkaye La Prensa in Spanish. Archived from the original on August 27, But from the beginning, to me, reggaeton never offered anything musically. Retrieved August 26, On the record, the band wished to experiment more with live instruments and diverse styles of music.

We don’t come here to befuddle the people more. A complete mockery of macho stereotypes”.